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Why we need a day just for cats

How to win friends and influence people:

1. Be a cat
2. Have plenty of catittude
3. Do the drop and roll over

It’s All About The Cats – International Cat Day

Last updated August 8th, 2020

sleep cheeky looking cat

Today we celebrate International Cat Day or World Cat Day, founded by the International Fund For Animal Welfare in 2002 to celebrate our beloved feline companions around the world. Of course, the Chirpies know that every day is Cat Day because that is just the nature of things, right? 

This is one of our favorite images of George. Here he unabashedly displays that famous “drop and roll over”, a gesture every cat owner will recognize. It’s a friendly greeting and loaded with meaning: “Hello human, I trust you with every fur of my being and I can feel your calm energy. I feel relaxed too, would you care to pet me?”

Cats are revered in many cultures as the bringers of good fortune. Only good things come from owning a cat. Studies show that petting your cat lowers your blood pressure, reduces anxiety and is a huge mood booster.

Hard-working community cats

Around the world community cats or feral cats still face many hardships due to cat overpopulation, human ignorance and lack of spay and neuter initiatives. Why not make today the start of getting involved with your local TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) workshops. Why not use your expertise in TNR and start a workshop of your own to rally your neighborhood to care for community cats. Many TNR programs around the world have proven to reduce colony numbers and even serve as a means of environmentally friendly rodent control!

feral cat sitting in tree
Campus cat relaxing in a tree when not on rodent control duty.
cat whisperer at UWC campus feeds campus cat with spoon
Campus cat whisperer, Patrick, feeds one of the community campus cats at University of Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa

Our favorite TNR group in Cape Town South Africa called TUFCAT has been doing amazing work for their campus cats for 21 years. Not only have their cats been thriving but the environmentally friendly rodent control services offered by the cats have earned their University Africa’s greenest Campus Award in 2018 for the third time! A round of applause for these hard-working felines! If you would like to know more about these campus cats, read how a litter of kittens rescued from a fruit farm healed the heart of a grumpy ginger feral called Mr. Spunky.

Later this year we will be doing yet another cat calendar with the proceeds going to our friends at TUFCAT. Stay tuned for further announcements in the next few months!

Let’s celebrate the unique bond we share with our feline friends. So when you get home this evening and your cat does the old “drop and roll over” indulge him with extra cuddles and treats!

Happy International Cat Day from the Chirpies and their humans!

World cat day or International cat day Aug 8

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