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Why Food Puzzles are Vital to Cat Health

Why Food Puzzles are Vital to Cat Health

There is no doubt cats are one of the most pampered pets on the planet. We dote on their little darling faces, they walk all over us and they have programmed us to adhere to their feeding schedules. Whether it’s free-feeding all day long or convincing us with sweet songs of ‘Acatpella’ that they will certainly die of starvation if not fed this minute, we cater to every feline whim and fancy. But serving your cat on silver platter is doing him more harm than good. Feline obesity in cats is on the rise and that spells bad news for their health and well-being. October 11 is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day so we thought It’s time to bring out your cat’s “inner cat” and make him do what comes naturally – hunt for his food.

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