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Easter lilies are deadly toxic to cats, but are there cat-safe alternatives?
How to Prepare the Perfect Kitty Salad Bar

Easter lilies are deadly toxic to cats, but are there cat-safe alternatives?

Last updated April 1st, 2022

I was at work when I received a call from my sister, sobbing at the other end. Her cat, Misty, had died overnight.

“Do you have lilies in the house?” I asked.

“Yes I do, why?”

It started with a thoughtful gesture of love. Her husband likes to surprise her with her favorite bouquet of lilies. Unbeknownst to him, lilies are highly toxic to our beloved felines.

They’re so beautiful with their trumpet-like petals and filaments beckoning you to behold them and take a closer look. And your cat, being the curious beast that he is, is sure to take more than just a closer look. All parts of the lily are toxic, even the pollen and the water in the vase. Your cat does not have to ingest anything, just brushing against any part of the flower can collect pollen on his fur which your cat may ingest while grooming. Even the tiniest amount of ingested matter will cause acute kidney failure and eventually death, if not aggressively treated within the first few hours of ingestion. National Poison Prevention Month has passed, but awareness is key to prevent the dreaded visit to the emergency vet with your cat’s life hanging on the line. There are thousands of newbie cat owners out there and many do not know of the risks, so we hope you share this post for all to see.

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How to Prepare the Perfect Kitty Salad Bar

Last updated September 30th, 2019

cat grass and fountain

Kitty Salad bar and watering hole. Executive cat lounge for exclusive members only

There are many ways in which you can keep us kitties safe and entertained but we would like to talk about our favorite cat-safe plants, grasses, and herbs. Yes, we’re obligate carnivores but there’s not a cat in town that doesn’t like to graze on greens. Experts and veterinarians are still baffled as to why we enjoy eating grass and theories abound. Some experts think we eat grass to aid in bringing up furballs, or in the wild, to aid regurgitation of undigested parts of prey such as bones and feathers. Others think it provides much-needed fiber to our diets and that grass would be a naturally occurring substance in the stomachs of prey so it would make up a small part of our diet. It may also provide trace elements of vitamins and folic acid. The Lady Cat thinks we may just like the taste and texture. But what is certain is that grass is not essential to our wellbeing, but it most certainly is a welcomed treat in any cat household.

With the start of Autumn and the cooler weather, we’re excited that the humans have begun setting up our watering hole/salad bar for winter. Essentially, this is when they bring the outdoors, indoors for the duration of the winter, during which time our catio is a blanket of white. The kitty salad bar is an area in the house where we like to lounge, groom, drink, share sun puddles and snack on our greens. There are many plants that appear on the toxic list and it seems that there are no safe alternatives for us cats. Cat grass and catnip are the most popular snacks on the menu, but I’m here to tell you that you can broaden your tastes and that there are indeed many other safe varieties of plants that us Chirpy Cats have tried and tested. Of course, our plant-eating habit comes with leaving a few recycled remnants of regurgitation on the carpet, but fret not humans. Cleaning it all up is a very small price to pay for the precious purr therapy we provide to soothe your stressful living. By creating these little kitty garden watering holes around the house, you’re stepping up your cat environment enrichment game. Below, our big lady cat explains further on greening up our living spaces and tips on keeping us out of your plants. (as if!)

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