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How to train your cat to love road trips

How to train your cat to love road trips

Cat resting in car

Earl Grey Ninhsy resting after a walk at the beach. Returning from a cat show in 2003 (Galway, Ireland)

Getting your cat used to driving with you in your car doesn’t have to be like sitting through hours listening to a cacophony of howling banshees. Here is the scenario: You’re driving with your cat in the carrier. He is meowing incessantly. You’re anxious and frustrated, he’s anxious and confused. You’re trying to soothe him with sweet talk but the more you talk, the louder he gets, which leads you to become more anxious for his well-being, not to mention, distracted. Not a good combination while driving. Most of us have been there. I’ve had cats who were completely chilled during car rides, and others who have screamed blue murder all the way to the destination. But there is a way to train your cat to take car rides in his stride. Read More

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