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Happy St. Patrick’s day, with Love

Happy St. Patrick’s day, with Love

Last updated March 17th, 2020

St. Patricks's Day kitties

What’s the craic, my friends? I’m excited to be wishing you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I have many good memories of my home country of Ireland, where I stayed with my The Lady Cat in green and hilly Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. My friend, Sarabi and I, used to go for long walks on the nearby beaches, climbing over boulders and savoring the sand between our paws. Those were the good old days of my youth.

leash walking cats
Walking on a beach near Letterkenny, Ireland, 2002

I’m a retired show cat who was born in County Cork, Ireland and I used to travel all over to strut my stuff and show off my good looks and temperament in shows around Ireland and once in England too. I got to travel on a ferry! I am an Asian Blue Ticked Tabby, originating from the silky Burmese breed and we come in all color types. I don’t get too caught up in titles but I have earned a few. My full name is Coomakista Ninh Earl Grey and I am also a Supreme Premier and Tara Grand Premier. I am also the first Asian Ticked Tabby to hold these titles and to have three Best of Varieties at Irish Supreme Shows. Despite my grand titles, I’m a very mellow and down to earth old chap, preferring these days, to rest in my catio condo and watch birds. Although I have a calm demeanor I am not a pushover and when the young punks need some training on proper kitty etiquette and basic house rules I’m always showing them the ropes with a firm paw.

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