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It’s time to pack for BlogPaws!

Last updated January 11th, 2018

The Lady Cat is off to the BlogPaws Conference and we had fun while she was scurrying around like a mad hatter; sorting, packing, rearranging, re-sorting and repacking her suitcase. Through it all, we had lots of places to hide, sniff, gallop and stare in amusement. There was nothing odd about this situation, except that she kept shooshing us out of the suitcase, muttering words like “no cat hair please!” and “not on these clothes!”

“Hello girlfriend, you’re the queen of cat hair, so what’s up?”

Cat sniffing his doppelganger


Packing for BlogPaws with Sly Pie cat


Well, she’s packing for a three-day conference taking place in Myrtle Beach, SC, at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel. She has to take two airplanes to get there! Oh no, just thinking about that gives me airplane ears, so I’m glad I’m staying put on terra firma. But just as I was recovering from the harshness about the cat hair comments, I saw something that looked like me. It wasn’t a mirror or a real cat, I circled it, sniffing and examining this impostor. It was a flat, life-sized me! But why is she taking it with her in her suitcase? Oh, it’s called a flat pet and he will be representing me, Mr. Jack, at the BlogPaws conference. Sly Pie didn’t seem too pleased but once I explained the purpose, he went nose to nose with his “flatmate”.

And speaking of nose to nose, did we mention that the Chirpy Cats blog is a finalist in two categories?  Yes, we’re super chuffed about that! The BlogPaws conference which kicks off May 18 – May 20 is chock full of educational sessions to help take your blog to the next level, establishing relationships with brands and bloggers in the pet industry and culminates with an exciting red carpet event and awards ceremony.

“BlogPaws Vision & Mission is to empower pet parenting bloggers & social media advocates to amplify their voices, expand their influence, and generate economic opportunity, while supporting fellow members’ efforts to give back to the pets we love so much.”

At this year’s 9th Annual BlogPaws conference there is a strong commitment to giving or “pawing it forwardthrough philanthropic causes benefiting the human/animal bond and us Chirpies are so excited to be part of that. Of course, we always welcome treats when she returns as a reward for our perseverance and patience while she is away, while the Big Man Cat spoils starves us of cuddles. If anything, I hope that Mr. Flattie Jack puts his best paw forward with plenty of photo ops with his fellow flatties.


Mr. Jack the cat approves of his flatmate


Sly Pie meets his flatmate cat


Purr kisses from Mr. Jack (and Flattie Jack)

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