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The Liebster Award – Spread the love!
Inspiration for building your first catio
How to train your cat to love road trips
How to prepare your cat for stress-free travel
How to build a catio your cat will love

The Liebster Award – Spread the love!

Last updated April 2nd, 2019

Liebster Award

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by our friends at Three Chatty Cats! A big thank you to Rachel and her three rescue kitties, Sophie, Olive and Dexter. She manages an amazing blog which highlights cat rescues and shelters and their life-saving efforts. A very informative blog and worth checking out.
I’m new to the cat blogosphere and did not have a clue as to what this award was about. After some digging around, the Liebster Award is a way of giving recognition to fellow bloggers starting out, a means of discovering other new blogs, growing your audience and building a sense of community. It’s a virtual award from fellow bloggers who think your blog is worthy of recognition, and that is something fantastic actually. Please note, my nominees are by no means obligated to accept or participate, but either way, if I picked your blog it’s because I think it’s pretty cool.

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Inspiration for building your first catio

Last updated August 1st, 2020

We look forward to Spring each year, which brings with it, the promise of beautiful colorful blooms and a very happy clowder of chirpy kitties. Each will find their own zen space, their little niche in the shade or the sun. With ramps and climbing platforms to play in and romp about and a plentiful supply of fresh catnip from the hanging baskets, no kitty can complain of boredom. There is also space for the humans to enjoy this enclosed kitty garden of tranquility with their furry companions if they wish. Would you like to wake up with the birds and have your morning cuppa with kitties? Yes, please! Would you like some tips on how to begin building your catio? Read my previous post on Building your Cats’ dream Catio.


How to train your cat to love road trips

Last updated January 2nd, 2018

Cat resting in car

Earl Grey Ninhsy resting after a walk at the beach. Returning from a cat show in 2003 (Galway, Ireland)

Getting your cat used to driving with you in your car doesn’t have to be like sitting through hours listening to a cacophony of howling banshees. Here is the scenario: You’re driving with your cat in the carrier. He is meowing incessantly. You’re anxious and frustrated, he’s anxious and confused. You’re trying to soothe him with sweet talk but the more you talk, the louder he gets, which leads you to become more anxious for his well-being, not to mention, distracted. Not a good combination while driving. Most of us have been there. I’ve had cats who were completely chilled during car rides, and others who have screamed blue murder all the way to the destination. But there is a way to train your cat to take car rides in his stride. Read More

How to prepare your cat for stress-free travel

Last updated December 16th, 2017

Whether you’re moving house or moving to a new country across the Atlantic, traveling with cats can be stressful. I know, I’ve moved twice to different countries and brought my two fur babies with me each time. This article will focus on preparing your cats for their trip to make it as stress-free for them as it should be for you…..

traveling with cats

Preparing your cat for the big move

Preparing cats for traveling can be daunting and stressful for both cat guardians and their furry friends. For an animal that is very much attached to its environment and extremely sensitive to unfamiliar sounds and smells, traveling with cats, whether it’s over long or short distances, is still a big deal. We all know about the resistance when trying to get them into the dreaded cat carrier, the howling all the way to the vet, the look of absolute horror in their eyes as they look at you pleading to free them from their imminent misery!

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How to build a catio your cat will love

Last updated May 5th, 2021

Building a catio or cat enclosure for your cat is a great way to provide environmental enrichment, reducing stress in multi-cat homes and creating a safe space for your cats to enact their natural behaviors.

Building a catio or outdoor enclosure is one of the best gifts you can give your cat to keep him safe from harm. The idea of creating the perfect safe haven for our indoor cats to explore and experience a piece of their natural habitat seemed like the natural thing to do. So what is the best way of merging the two worlds of a cat, indoors and outdoors? By building an outdoor catio space in which they can thrive and be happy, where our cats can feel free to roam, protected from outside hazards.

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