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Cat Calendar that will help care for African ferals

Last updated March 12th, 2018

‘A Catio for all Seasons’ Cat Calendar

Us cats love nothing more than to cavort in our little catio jungle, come rain, hail or snow. There is always something interesting to do; basking in a sun puddle, watching the birds from the highway ramps or ambushing my friend George as he exits the tunnel. We like sharing our activities with everyone and we are pleased to announce our new 2017 cat wall calendar ‘A Catio for all Seasons’ which is now available for sale. There are many delightful photos of us, capturing our charming purrsonalities and mischievous antics, but above all, it’s also peppered with sprinklings of our Haiku poetry that is sure to keep you on the good path of Zen. Here at Chirpy Cats it’s all about less stress and more Zen.

Cat Calendar 2017

The Chirpy Cats 2017 Wall Calendar ‘A Catio for All Seasons’


The Chirpy Cats crew hail from different situations, but our backgrounds all have a common thread: abandonment by humans for various reasons. We were lucky to end up with our humans, but we know that many others are not so lucky. That is why our big Lady Cat has decided to donate all proceeds from this calendar to a TNR program in South Africa called TUFCAT (The UWC feral Cat Project) a rescue group based in Cape Town, South Africa, who takes care of a colony of ferals located on the University premises. Our feral cousins count too and some are cats that were once beloved pets and abandoned just like we were, who are now feral. Life for them is rough but it’s rescue groups like this who are out to change perceptions of feral cats and give them the care that they need.

“One of the university’s ‘green’ innovations is the use of feral cats as a form of environmentally-friendly rodent control”

The cats’ rodent control skills have not gone unnoticed and UWC won the Green Campus award in 2012. Their impressive TNR model has also encouraged other institutions who also have to deal with feral populations to follow their humane approach. And it’s working successfully.

Our Big Lady Cat is planning a visit to see these ferals in January so we are less than enthused about this news. Sure I said they count too, but she will be thousands of miles away, meeting with these street thugs ferals and that’s not cool. So next time I ambush George as he exits the tunnel, it’s just me venting my redirected aggression in the only way I know how. Sorry George.

And just to show you a glimpse of my ambushing skills, watch and learn!

Go ahead and grab your calendar right now; you won’t be able to see my wiggle butt, but our calendar will sweep away the stress and keep you on track of your daily tasks.

All my love from Charlie the Ambush Cat

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