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Light your Candle for Orphan Pets! #RememberTheRescue

Last updated March 12th, 2018

Remember Me Thursday cat shines a light for pet adoption

Mr. Jack shines a light for pets waiting in shelters for their forever homes.

Remember Me Thursday has arrived and we’re reminding you to hop on over to the Remember Me Thursday photo contest! If you are passionate about pet rescue, love social media and you are a proud pet parent of an adorable rescue pet, the contest is something you do not want to miss. What is the last photo you took on your phone? I bet it’s your cat, dog or rabbit and you actually have tons! Below Mr. Jack explains how easy it is to enter to win fabulous prizes for your favorite pet rescue organization or shelter, but first, he talks about his brief brush with homelessness.

Hello, my chirpy friends! Four years ago I was surrendered to a veterinary hospital because my people became allergic to me. The note on my cage read: “J’aime les chats, les chiens, et les enfants” which means, I love other cats, dogs, and children. I met the Big Man Cat one day when he came to get his aging dog’s medication and he stopped to take photos of me. My whiskers tickled with excitement as he reached over to give me chin rubs. Little did I know that my life was about to change for the better and that in a few weeks I would be joining a household with two older cats and a big old dog. I was the first of the younger cats to be rescued by The Big Man Cat and The Lady Cat. My friends from the same shelter, George and Scout, joined soon after and that is how the Chirpy Cats was born. Roy, the dog has since gone to the rainbow bridge and we are now a clowder of ten cats.

I am known as the Chief Chirpy Social Facilitator (CCSF) because I like to keep harmony by spreading the communal scent. But all chores aside, I do take a great selfie! So when the opportunity came up for a photo op to help shine a light for pets waiting for their forever families, I did a zoomie dance up and down the cat tree. The cause is so close to my purry heart that I was even willing to wear a bandana! Hey, does my head look big in this? Wait, I digress …

It’s so easy to enter the #RememberTheRescue contest to win prizes for your favorite shelter.
  1. Take a photo of your beloved rescue pet.
  2. Share your rescue pet’s pic on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #RememberTheRescue and #RememberMeThursday to help spread the word about adoptable orphaned pets and to remember those whose hope ran out.
  3. Voila! It’s that easy to stand a chance to win funds and food for your favorite pet rescue organization.

You may enter as many times as you like and you may also upload your photo entry directly to the Remember Me Thursday contest page

Remember The Rescue Contest


Don’t forget to visit the Candle Gallery to light your virtual candle for a rescue pet you love, have lost or just to shine a light for those who ran out of time waiting for their forever homes. Good luck to everyone who pawticipates, now I shall be off to groom a friend. Did I tell you my chores as CCSF are never-ending?

Love from Mr. Jack (CCSF)

I write to save lives media kit

Disclosure: We received a box of items (T-shirt, the cool bandana featured above and some print materials) from Helen Woodward Animal Center in exchange for partnering with them to help spread the word about Remember Me Thursday and orphan pets. HWAC is not responsible for the contents of this post and Chirpy Cats only shares topics we know our readers will love!

So, I leave you with one question…. we’re curious. Describe the last pic you took on your phone this morning. We’re willing to bet it has whiskers! Chirp us a line in the comments, we would love to know!

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