Black Cat Appreciation Day

A black cat crossed my path
I gave him a forever home.

The black cat that walked by himself

Black cat crossed my path drawing

“Lost our old black cat since Tuesday. Last seen on our front porch.”

Whenever I see these lost cat posters stuck on our mail box I feel sad for the owners and their cats. But this one stopped me in my tracks. I knew the cat in this poster. Cachou is a regular visitor to our backyard, but strange, I had not seen him in weeks.
It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day, a day to celebrate the charm and beauty of black cats and to highlight their plight of being the least adopted cats in shelters. I have always admired black cats, so regal and elegant, perfectly silhouetted against any background. They make great subjects for art in all its forms from illustrations, photography and pop culture. I cannot fathom why in this day and age, silly superstitious myths surrounding black cats still exists largely in our Western culture.

But I have never had the good fortune to cross paths with these beautiful house panthers, until old Cachou decided that our deck at 10am gets the perfect dose of sunshine. Cachou was like the cat who walks by himself, all places being alike to him. Whether it was on his front porch or our deck chair, he felt at home. I knew nothing about him except that he lived in the house opposite ours, he was friendly and liked to engage in conversation.

He was never found, and I hope that where ever he may be now, he is basking in a patch of sunshine, resting in peace.

Cachou the black cat

Cachou in the backyard this past Spring, watching the Chirpies in the catio.

Funny, we have 10 cats and none of them are black. We probably will never have a black cat as we’re full house, but I am happy for those brief encounters Cachou shared with me. So let’s celebrate beautiful black cats like Cachou and all of those still waiting for homes in shelters. And if a black cat happens to cross your path, give him a forever home. It’s pure good luck.

How are you celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day? Are you blessed with the grace and beauty of a house panther? If so, I’m jealous, but don’t tell the Chirpies!



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