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Make your grass bed and lie in it

Cat rules 101:
- If you fits, you can sits anywhere
- A cat bed is a right, not a privilege
- Once you make your grass bed, you lie in it.

Sly Pie the Tuxie

How to make the perfect cat bed for afternoon catnaps

A cat grass bed for your Kitty

Last updated March 5th, 2020

Make a cat grass bed to impress your cat

Cats just love to make things up as they go along. They’re masters at improvisation and resourcefulness. They’re the bohemians of the animal kingdom, loving the comforts of the finer things in life, while always keeping a paw on the wild side. Cats play by their own rule book and the power of their purrsuasion and cat-nnovation has prompted cat lovers like me to make up words like these! 

A cat grass bed for your cat

Cats can make the most seemingly uncomfortable spot look like a bed made of clouds. It doesn’t matter that they’re all twisted in a corner with their heads flopping down at an impossible angle but their agile bodies seem to melt and take the shape of whatever it is they’re sleeping on or inside. And their sleeping choices is no accident either. In fact, I think they have it all mapped out in their heads and they know exactly where they’ll be sleeping today at 12:05 pm.

“After breakfast: On top of the coffee table
At noon: On the arm of the couch
2:35 pm: Next to the apples in the new fruit bowl they bought
3:05pm: the grass bed in the catio”

Wait, what? A grass bed? Kitty, what are you thinking? Why are you sleeping in that grass pot?

Three years ago when we rescued Sly Pie he soon decided that sleeping in the big barrel of grass was the best sleeping pod for afternoon catnaps. It sparked a post called “How to make a bed in three easy steps” and that became his ‘thing.’ So each summer I would make sure to plant various types of cat-safe grasses for grazing and snoozing.

Make a cat grass bed for your kitty
Three years ago, Sly Pie claimed the barrel of Japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa) as his own purrsonal snooze pod.
Sly Pie is an ardent believer in ‘Make your grass bed, now lie in it’

In a recent post we shared with you how to grow cat grass and for this cat grass bed project, all the same steps apply. The only difference is you would need a larger square or rounded plant pot to grow your cat grass bed. Actually, it doesn’t have to be that large. If your kitty is known to apply the rules “If I fits, I sits” then a snug fit will do. After all, cat loaf can be practiced in the tiniest of spaces!

Why your cat would like a grass bed

In the heat of Summer, a grass patch is cooling.

A grass bed, much like a box, provides a safe space for your cat to hide and feel secure.

Cats love novelty and a cat grass bed provides enrichment for a bored cat.

It’s a kitty salad buffet and cozy comfy cat bed all in one! You can’t get better than that!

What you will need to make a cat grass bed

1. A heavy and sturdy plant pot. I chose a plant pot from the Home Depot. About 12” high, 6” wide and 14” deep. It’s quite heavy and sturdy, so ideal to cradle a large man cat with a massive head like Charlie or a stubby little round tuxedo.

2. If you are making a grass bed for indoor use, make sure the hole at the bottom can be plugged close. Or get a pot without drainage holes.

3. Plant the seeds in exactly the same way we did for the cat grass tutorial.

4. Plant other smaller grass pots intended for grazing so that your cats have more options.

5. Do you have a spare litter box in storage somewhere? This would make the perfect sized cat grass bed which is a more practical solution for smaller apartments or balconies with not much extra space.

How to make a cat grass bed

After about 5 days to a week when the grass has reached its peak height, and the blades are lush and strong, observe for any attempts at climbing inside the container.

Cats exploring the cat grass bed
Senior cat Earl Grey snacking on some cat grass

There were the usual hustle and bustle of cats exploring the grass, grazing here and there, even climbing into the pot. But no one settled in for a snooze yet. Even the seniors came by for some grass snacks.

A Cat grass bed for afternoon catnaps

I didn’t see any cats make their move but I did see evidence of the grass being slept on. For days I wondered who might the mystery cat be. After all, there was a clear indentation in the grass that showed it had been slept on. I had a sneaky suspicion of who it might be. Perhaps a little tuxdeo with black capri pants?

Until one day, I saw this….

This cat grass looks comfy to sleep on

And this…..

Make a cat grass bed for your cat

Pretty soon, the cats established their catnap timesharing schedule and played musical chairs with the cat grass bed. Sly Pie demonstrated to the other cats that a cat grass bed is not only perfect for catnaps and sweet dreams but is also ideal for cat loafing, cat muffining, grazing and staying cool in the heat.

A Cat grass bed for afternoon catnaps

Cats love new things, and this cat grass bed provides an opportunity to explore and satisfy their curious nature. When you think about it, free-roaming cats love to sleep on grass so it makes perfect sense that our indoor cats would welcome their own personal grass pod to sleep on.

Three years later Sly Pie still makes his bed in the barrel planter of Japanese Forest grass mixed with Creeping Jenny. Old habits die hard.

I wonder what other cat-inspired projects my little purry resourceful innovators will concoct next. For now kitty, I made your grass bed, now go lie in it!

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Cats will never run out of places to sleep. They know a comfy spot when they see one, and a grass bed can be just right for an afternoon nap!

Have you tried growing a grass bed for your cats? Do you think your cats would like this? Chirp us a line below, we’d love to hear your stories!

For more inspiring ways to your cat’s heart, pounce on board to stay updated on catnip chirps, enrichment ideas, reviews and giveaways!

How to make a comfy grass bed for your cat
How to make a grass bed for your cat

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And cats are for life.
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  • guyz…984 pawz UP for sharin thiz post coz we iz citee dwellerz N knot a loud
    out side….thiz cat garzz bed is de catz meow…with out a doubt…ewe can betcha
    we R gonna tell de FSG ta make up one for uz…..

    AWESUM ~~~~~~~~~ 🙂 ♥♥♥

  • OOh, what a grr-eat idea! I will luv a grass bed. I guess it would have to be a indoor one, since Mom doesn’t let me outside. It do have a schedule of where I like to nap throughout the day. In the morning I curl up in Mom’s arm in the bed after Dad leaves for work. In the mid morning I sleep on the table or on the bed. In mid afternoon I rest on Mom’s lap at the sofa while I tell her what to type on the computer. Then in the evening I lay on the big tuffit or on Mom or Dad’s lap at the sofa while they watch TV. On the occasional mornings, like this one, I rest on my cat tree, but only if Mom has freshended the blankie. Tee hee hee.

    • Valentine, you will love a little patch of indoor grass. It doesn’t last too long but it’s a fun bed for snoozies. If you have a window with some sun, it will grow! Just don’t snack on it while it’s trying to grow!

  • And there’s enough grass for all the kitties that get the munchies! I never would’ve thought cats would love sleeping in grass – but it makes sense. Since we don’t have grass inside, Bear’s too busy eating the grass outside to take a nap in it.

  • I had 37 cats I had rescued, adopted, neighbor cats and strays. I went through the sad but expected passing away trauma, but I know that is normal. I have a wonderful Vet that has showed me how to do home treatment for some things. All my babies are neutered and or spayed. They get along lovingly with my two puppies less than 2 yrs old as well as with my 14 yr old Blue Heeler.
    Last year a predator (we think it was a barred owl) began to tear the cats in half and leave the parts it couldn’t carry behind. Thank God the puppies with their great snout would find them and bring them to us. It has been devastating !!! Some were 10 and some weren’t even three years old.
    I now have only 17 and have begun to build the Paradise Cat Patio ! Please send more photos of your catio, for ideas. I screened my large porch so it’s different from yours. Some ideas will work like the “condo”and the water source and now the big pot with grass for naps. I truly appreciate your love for our furry friends, I keep records of each one and what has happened in their lives. I love my babies !!! Thanks so much for your input of ideas that have worked for you and for helping me. Gratefully, Ana Cochran

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