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How to make an outdoor bed in three easy steps.

Last updated March 12th, 2018

Hello furriends! I’m Sly Pie (nickname: Bobotie) and I would like to show you a bed that I have made for myself out in the catio. Well, I didn’t exactly make it myself, the big lady cat put it in there and I have modified it to suit my needs. It’s very different from my inside beds because it has these soft juicy chewy leaves that I can munch on before I go for a morning nap.

To make my bed:

  1. Climb into pot, balancing on the edge. Make sure all obstacles such as spikes or silly ornaments are pushed aside.
  2. Move to the centre of pot, lay down and flatten foliage by wriggling on your back.
  3. Leave outside perimeter of chewy leaves to hide behind or to nibble on if you so wish. Voilà! Your bed is made!

I’m not sure if the big lady cat wanted to keep this bed looking all pretty because she’s added all sorts of deterrents like wooden spikes and even this silly bird thing. But I managed to get that out of the way. I think she doesn’t seem to mind my little modification to her plant. What does she use it for anyway? See, she even takes pictures of me in it.

Cat sleeps in pot plant

All comfy now, ready for my afternoon nap.

What is Japanese Forest grass?

Forest grass (Hakonechloa Macra) is a great addition to your cat’s salad bar. It’s a slow-growing perennial (I plant it as an annual) which normally grows in a large clump but as you can see, Sly Pie stopped it in its tracks. It is often used for ground cover in shady areas and they come in a lovely chartreuse colour, but this year I could only find the variegated green. Of course, Sly is right, I don’t mind him making his bed with it. That is the idea after all, a bed of grass for kitties to lie in. Well, Sly happened to be the lucky cat who claimed it. Because it is slow-growing, I wait a month for the foliage to flourish before offering it as a snacking bed for the kitties. It looks a bit ratty in the end but that’s okay, I have other smaller pots that I plan to bring inside for their salad bar in the Autumn. For more on cat safe plants visit The Cat Garden

We have joined the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop hosted by The Cat on My Head where you can ready about Swizzle, the beautiful senior kitty looking for her forever home and other stories.

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