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A litter that will give your cat something to rave about

Last updated February 24th, 2018

neon cat litter review

When you have a panel of ten insatiably curious experts that poop in a box every day, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to try new litter products; especially if it promises less litter cleaning duty, is dust-free and has superior odor control. What? Where’s the catch? Let’s find out as we review our experience with Neon cat litter.

Neon litter comes in a variety of fun neon colors and they have this to say: “NEON Litter takes the “uggh and yuck” out of scooping the litter box…” So, let’s see what other cats are raving about and what’s so different about Neon litter. 

Disclosure: We received four free bags of Neon cat litter in exchange for our honest review, but this did not influence our opinions at all. We only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers. Neon cat litter is not responsible for the content of this post. Our opinions are based on one month’s use of the product by the Chirpy Cats testing team! Stay tuned until the end of this post for an exciting giveaway!

What is all this raving about Neon litter?

Neon litter claims to have superior odor control, is dust-free, up to 70% lighter than clay litters…. and…..only twice-per-week scooping! We were curious to see how this stacks up against the litter our cats currently use. Most of us cat guardians, just like our cats, are fastidious when it comes to cleaning, especially in the litter box department. We scoop our litter boxes twice a day for ten cats, so it was interesting to see how Neon litter would allow us to reduce this schedule.

During setup of the new litter, I had some curious cats walking, sniffing and watching as the cascade of neon colors flowed from the bags into a nice fresh litter box. Now I had an audience, but some cats looked at me quite indignantly as if saying: “Lady don’t get smart with us, we like what we’re using, don’t go changing anything!” But no sooner had I finished setting up the test litter box, than we had our first eager litter expert jump right in.


neon litter fun and colorful

Jimmy about to rearrange my litter art and make his own. He gives it two thumbs up, pun intended!

neon cat litter tester

The second tester Mr. Jack gives his stamp of approval.


neon cat litter review

Sarabi was the third tester. Nice and soft on paws, all is good.


I was pleasantly surprised at how light the bags are, allowing me to easily pour and top up litter as needed.

Litter texture 

Neon litter has a micro-crystal sandy texture which is soft on paws. It is a well-known fact that cats love sandy textures because that is what they would use as a substrate in the wild. I was concerned about any type of crystal litter as I have tried these in the past and my cats outright rejected it. But this litter seems to be something that they naturally gravitate towards.

My husband, who is largely responsible for litter duty, reports that the cats seem to be using the Neon litter in favor of their normal boxes. When trying out a new litter it is always recommended to start off by mixing old litter with the new for the cats to get accustomed. But I knew this step would be unnecessary because of the sandy texture and the cats took to it right away.

Odor control 

Neon litter has great odor control. Because the silica gel crystals absorb the liquid waste inside their structure the smell will be trapped inside. The crystals also serve another function; to dry the solid waste by pulling moisture that escapes from the solids out of the air, trapping it inside its crystal structure. It is for this reason that they also don’t recommend putting the litter box in an area with high humidity such as the bathroom as the silica gel will absorb moisture in the air and thus lose its efficacy.

Twice-a-week scooping 

What can you do with more time? Have a cup of coffee, go for a walk, or better, interactive play with your kitty! I like the latter, more bonding time with cats and less fussing about cleaning is just fine by me. I can see why they recommend scooping only 2 or 3 times per week. The crystals do a fantastic job of absorbing urine and odors, and solids are really dry when it’s cleaning time. I would say if we had all 12 litter boxes filled with Neon litter then we would, without doubt, be able to reduce our litter cleaning schedule. The frequency of cleaning would largely depend on how many litter boxes you have and whether you’re a single or multi-cat household. You would still need to clean out the solids more often as cats do not like to step on someone else’s litter logs!


Neon litter comes in bright orange, pink, purple, green and blue. The tiny crystals resemble little round sprinkles, except you’re not decorating a cake but topping up a litter box. When scooping the clumps you can be forgiven if the first thing that pops into your head is some kind of round sponge cake covered in pink and orange sprinkles! But maybe that’s just me. If anything, it makes topping up and scooping a little more interesting and a little less boring! If you have kids, the fun colors may encourage them to take on some litter box chores. Within reason, very young kids should be supervised.


NEON Litter is made of non-toxic silica gel crystals and the product does not pose a health risk to cats when grooming their coats. Guar gum made from natural peapods is the clumping agent that allows the crystals to form a clump. The colors used to make the colors are food coloring.

NOTE: Silica Gel is NOT crystalline silica. Crystalline Silica is a form of quartz similar to asbestos that OSHA regulates and can be found in some clay litters. Silica Gel has a similar name but is non-toxic and is often used to protect medicines, electronics, and food from moisture damage.

How does it clump?

SIlica gel crystals do not clump on their own so a food starch, guar gum is added to bond with the crystals over time to form a clump. A hardened clump will form after a few hours but it’s best to wait 24 hours for solid clumps for easy removal. But while it’s clumping any odor and moisture is quickly sucked in and locked into the crystals.


Watch our fun video below to see the three testers in action.

Weird fun fact alert!

Did you know you can make litter art? They even have a Litter art gallery showcasing some insane and unique customer litter art masterpieces. To check out how to make litter art that’s rave-worthy visit the Neon Gallery for instructional videos.

So clearly I missed these instructions when attempting my own litter art. I don’t think Jimmy was impressed.

neon cat litter art

My first try at litter art, um I promise I will do better next time!

Giveaway time, calling all cat ravers!

Start the New year with a bang of color and rave!

We think the perfect way to start the New Year is with a splash of color and what better way than to be one of a few lucky cats to try Neon cat litter. Enter for a chance for your kitty to try out the funky colors and feel the silky micro crystals underneath his paws. For fun, make some litter art or just mix the colors randomly and allow your cat his own freedom of expression by making his own art in the litter box. Give your cat something to rave about in the New Year.

Neon litter is generously offering a few lucky readers a chance to try out their funky litter

The Grand prize: one entrant wins 6 bags of Neon litter
Second prize: one entrant wins 4 bags of Neon litter
Third Prize: 3 entrants will win 2 bags of Neon litter each

To enter simply leave a blog comment below and complete your entry by filling in the Rafflecopter widget below. Tell us, what are your favorite colors and does your cat rave?

Happy Neon Year and good luck to the humans and the kitties!

Contest rules:

The giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents, 18+ years of age, except where prohibited by law. The winners will be selected randomly and contacted via email. The winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize, and a new winner will be randomly selected. The giveaway closes on Sunday, January 7th,  2018 at midnight EST.

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  • Excellent article!

    Even I do not win a prize, I shall have our 3 give the product a try.

    One of ours- Riley, has taken to washing clay dust off her paws in the communal water bowls , turning the water grey. So, we went out and purchased an elevated pump water fountain type making it harder for her to do this while at the same time, easier for this aging feline to consume. Now if we further compliment the effort with this new litter, we could have a happier pet.

    Again – good job on the blog. I now follow on Twitter.

    • Thank you Les, your comments are appreciated 🙂
      I think this litter would be nice to try for your kitty. I have done a test for your scenario – I mixed a few crystals into a bowl of water and it’s good to know it doesn’t dissolve or form sticky clumps in the water like clay granules would. The water remained clear and the crystals sank to the bottom. I can just picture Riley washing her paws like a diva lol

      I am steering clear of clay litters because of concerns of the silica dust and what effect the clumping action might have on them when they groom their paws.

      • Since then…. Riley developed a very strange condition and progressively got worse losing far too much weight. We spent a lot of money on her, but to no avail. Alas – she was suffering and we had to let her go.

        So when I read your comment on why you are avoiding clay litters I became curious. What have you found to be the negative effects of this type?

  • Wow! That was so cool. Thanks for sharing. My only concerns are: 1) can the colorful litter stain carpets or other materials, 2) if the cats ingest some, is their poop colored, and 3) the price point. 💝💛💚💙💜

    • Thanks for asking, those are very valid questions! Since we don’t have carpet, I did a test on one of our cats’ white blankets. I’m pleased to say there was no transfer of color at all, even after vigorous rubbing into the fabric. I tested it on a tissue as well, wetting the crystals and then rubbing on the fabric and tissue, still no transfer of color, so all good there. I guess the food coloring used is locked deep into the crystal structure.

      I can’t report on whether ingestion would color their feces. I assume it would be the same for cats as it would be for humans when consuming anything with food coloring in it 😉
      For one 4 lb bag prices start at $12.99 but offering savings such as 15% off for 2 and so on. Good to know that shipping is free. I hope you enter the contest 🙂

  • Sure way to confirm crazy cat lady status! I like the orange 🍊. What’s the environmental impact of this litter?

    • Solidarity fellow crazy cat lady heh heh!
      This is a super litter in all aspects but does not pass for biodegradability and is not compostable. It has to be disposed of in the trash.

  • Our favorite colors are pink, purple and green and we would love to have a chance to rave about Neon Litter. The dust from the clay litter is making us sick!

    • I know right?! The dust from clay litters is just horrible and that is why we like exploring zero dust liter options. Be sure to enter your details into the widget too if you haven’t already, good luck!

  • This is some far out kitty litter. We would like to try it and see some fine art work…..we can spend the day making art all over the kitty litter. We use clay kitty litter and were not sure of clumping but are more than willing to try.

    Kali and Shoko

  • LOL! I’ve heard of Pee-Mail but Pee-Art really takes the litter-ary cake. (puns very much intended!). What a fun product, and sounds like it works–which is the most important thing, after all.

  • The type of cat litter you use is very important is you want your cat to use the litter box. It’s great that this litter is fun and colorful and is not dusty. How much of the litter do the cats carry out with them on their paws?

    • Some of my cats are worse than others for litter tracking. Mr. Jack gets ‘post-poopie’ zoomies and expresses his relief and joy by making a mad dash out of the litter box, scattering litter in the process. Others are good and leave nothing. On the whole, this litter does not stick to their paws or cause any pasty caked on crusts like clay litter does. Generally quite a clean litter with minimal tracking. Obviously a great litter mat as always, will help reduce tracking.
      Chirpy Cats recently posted…A Heart of Two Tails, A True FriendshipMy Profile

  • Favorite colors are blue and green. And my cat totally is a raver. That girl raves every chance she gets!

  • Neon litter is kind of festive. I guess it makes it a bit more fun to use the litter box. With my next kitty, I’ll give it a try; I particularly like that it’s lightweight since I have back issues.

  • This may be the first cat litter to ever make me a bit excited inside, and even giggle. The colors are awesome, but I also love to hear that it also performs well. So often, cute things tend to be less practical. I may have to check this out for Jasmine.

  • I had two cats years ago and I remember the odor control struggle. But a litter that’s a bit lighter? That would have appealed to me. Of course, I’m the person who would buy several bags at once just to stock up, so lighter is always better.

  • I just finished babysitting 4 cats and it was interesting that they all liked their litter boxes a slightly different way! I wonder if the neon colors are just for fun? I really like the idea that it helps reduce the smell that was a major turn off for me when I was scooping the litter!

    • Hi Karlee,
      Yes the colors are definitely just for the benefit of us humans, to make litter duty less dull and of course to also get kids involved in litter chores! Most clumping clay litters are great at absorbing the odors, and Neon litter is no exeption. I was pleasantly surprised that it’s not just eye-candy so to speak, but it does really work well!

  • LOL I love the litter art! You are quite the artist. 😉 It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cat, but litter was always the bane of my existence. The weird odor, escaping the box, it just never was perfect. This sounds awesome!

  • This is the most fun litter I’ve ever seen! Love the bright colors. Good to know it work so well too! With 7 cats, scooping litter boxes is definitely a big chore around here. Anything that makes it easier is definitely appreciated! We will enter your giveaway!

  • my favorite colors are pink and purple and it depends on the cat if they rave. I have 3 cats and a newly adopted kitten, the kitten bandit raves all day and night, she is full of it, mandy is a little slower at 10 years old she raves in her sleep, Blossom and manix rave together they are 4

  • Love the colors. Thank you for such a great review and for replying to the comments, My questions where answered. Hmm curious if my cat will like it he will not get in the litter box he perches on the edge.

  • I have never heard of this brand. I have 4 cats and this litter would be pretty awesome. I love all of the colors especially purple.

  • My favorite color is green! I’m sure all of my cats rave, I mean what cat doesn’t!?

  • These are all such fun, bright colors! I love the purple and blue. My cat is definitely a raver kitty!

  • Now this is really something, bright litter for the cats to P### by, lol. Pretty neat

  • My favorite color is purple with a tint of red, not sure if my cat raves, but has the attitude sometimes

  • Haha! Who would have thought they needed colorful litter? Now I want some 🙂 I’m glad that it works, though. The lightweight part is the kicker. Man, that clay is SO HEAVY. It’s like I need to do some workouts in order to keep my cats healthy haha. And litter art LOL…there is always something. I think you did a great job with the cat, by the way!

  • Awesome article!

    Love the neon color litter.

    I had no idea you can get those type of litter.

    Certainly does add some color to their litter lol..

    Would it not be toxic to kittens?

    Thanks for sharing this article

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