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How does your cat get his kicks?

"When in doubt, bunny kick your way out of trouble"
It works every time and the Chirpies have discovered the perfect
toy to get their kicks!
Stay tuned for a special discount code at the end!

Give your cat his bunny kick fix with Kitty Kick Stix™

Last updated November 20th, 2019

Jimmy the cat playing with bunny kicking toy Kitty Kick Stix

He flopped on his back, and pummelled away at the viscera of his ‘victim’ with his hind legs, eyes gone wild and hungry for more.

His victim lay motionless, all 15 inches of catnip-infused stuffing still intact, not one visible tear. This is Jimmy Fancy Feet playing with his new Kitty Kick Stix on the kitchen floor. 

Disclosure: We received two Kitty Kick Stix free to try out in exchange for our honest review. This did not influence our opinions at all.

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase when clicking a link I will make a small commission that helps maintain this blog (and perhaps the Chirpies’ weekend catnip habit too!) but won’t cost you a cent more! Read my full disclosure.

scout tortie cat doing bunny kick with toy
That moment you realize that after you’ve done all the pummeling that you could possibly do, your victim is still not dead.

We were delighted when we were asked to try out some Kitty Kick Stix to review. I knew immediately this was a toy that would go down pretty well with our avid bunny kicking crew. We received two Kitty Kick Stix, the original ‘Happy Cat’ toy with the colorful happy cat faces and their latest ‘Extra Strength Fabric’ version for the more aggressive cat that loves nothing more than pummelling their prey into smithereens. Mmm, sounds like some cats we know!

Before we dive into the Chirpies’ review of their new Kitty Kick Stix kicker toys, we first want to examine the most common question asked by cat owners…

Why do cats like to bunny kick anyway?

When I see our cats engage in this most natural yet comedic behavior I’m always reminded of their wild roots. The bunny kick is one of the first behaviors kittens will engage in when playfully wrestling with their littermates. It is most often displayed as playful behavior and is a scene enacted in multi-cat homes the world over. One cat will roll over on its back while grabbing its ‘opponent’ with front paws, vigorously kicking with its hind legs. Scout and Mr. Jack are wrestling buddies and these two take turns at being the ‘aggressor’ and raking at their opponent’s innards. As long as there is no hissing or screaming, all is good.

When cats engage in a real conflict, hind leg kicking or bunny kicking becomes a stance of defensive aggression. Rolling on their backs while kicking with the hind legs can inflict maximum injury to their adversary in battle as they can use all four sets of claws plus their teeth. That’s a whole lot of ferocity in one furry package!

Don’t touch that belly, it’s a trap!

Us cat guardians know all too well that a cat rolling over on its back exposing the belly does not mean “pet my belly.” It really is just an invitation for a nice rake across the wrists. So it’s essential that we find toys that will really take a beating, again and again. You do not want your hands to be at the receiving end of a cat’s bunny kick, whether playful or aggressive.

Kitty Kick Stix is an excellent toy to engage your kitty’s pent-up kicking energy. With so many bunny kickers in the Chirpy Cats household, we were always on the lookout for the perfect kicker cat toy that can engage these instincts and let them bunny kick to their hearts’ content. It provides an outlet for cat enrichment, preventing boredom, keeping your kitty entertained. And as the most cheeky Chirpy Cat, Mr. Jack would probably chirp: “When in doubt, bunny kick your way out of trouble.”

All about Kitty Kick Stix™

Kitty Kick Stix™ is a family-owned business founded in 2012 by cat lovers. It’s good to know that a percentage of each purchase is donated to an animal shelter. We love that they give back!

“As part of the Kitty Kick Stix pledge, we will donate back to local rescues to help make a difference in a cat’s life.”

Each of their kick toys is handmade in the USA within 72 hours of your order to ensure the freshest catnip possible.
The most popular size is the 15 inch, which we tested. But there are three different sizes catering for the different quirky habits of every cat. You can even choose your own fabric.
Each Kitty Kick Stix is stuffed with soft fiber cotton and the freshest 100% organic catnip to ensure your cat can get his kicks day after day without losing its appeal.
The softest and most durable fabrics are used in the handmade construction with attention to the very last stitch. Rest assured that each Kitty Kick Stix won’t come apart at the seams. The strongest overlock stitch is used to seal the deal, and this sweet baby is tough as heck!

The Chirpies get their kicks…

Unwrapping the Kitty kick Stix catnip kicker toy

Scout oversees and supervises the unwrapping of the Kitty Kick Stix while Ollie obeys orders. This is a very important moment of intrigue and suspense created by that wrapping paper.

Kitty Kick Stix tongue taste test kicker toy

Mr. Jack gives the sniff and lick test. Approved.

Mr. Jack the cat playing with his Kitty Kick Stix kicker toy

Let’s get ready for some bunny kicking and go mad! Rrrr-snarl!

Jimmy the cat playing with bunny kicking toy Kitty Kick Stix

Jimmy loses all inhibitions and clasps his puffy polydactyl paws all over the kicker and kicks the bejeebers out of it. “Show no mercy” is his motto.

Baggy the cat kicking with his hind legs cat toy

Baggy is the resident “breaker of all things” and his enthusiasm for the Kitty Kick Stix was aptly displayed, true to his nature. Clawing, bunny kicking, biting at his ‘prey;’ he believes you have to have the upper paw and always come out on top. But the Kitty Kick Stix stood its ground and proved to be a tough opponent. There was no breaking its spirit; Kitty Kick Stix showed resilience, firmness, and durability that even Baggy found hard to break!

A Special discount code for you!

Kitty kick Stix kicker toys are available to order directly from their website and when using our special discount code ‘chirpy’ you can get 15% off your purchase! Or if you prefer to do all your shopping together it’s available on their Amazon shop too right here. Isn’t it great to know you’ll be helping out shelter kitties too?

So if your kitty is like Scout the Wild Tortie, flopping on her back, and pummelling away at the viscera of her ‘victim’ with her hind legs, she’s ready for her very own Kitty Kick Stix!

Watch our short video showing just how much fun the Chirpies had with their Kitty Kick Stix kicker toy.

So, who are the ferocious bunny kickers among you? Chirp us a line in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

UPDATE: The Chirpies are still using their Kitty Kick Stix after more than a year of abusive bunny kicking 🙂 But I think I’ll get them some new sticks, they deserve it!

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