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Warm snuggles for all seasons

Cats are heat-seeking little beasts. No matter the season,
there's always a furry cat pileup of kitties cuddling for warmth.

Have a senior kitty?

Art of Paws heated bed is comfy, soft and perfect to warm those old bones.

Why your cats would want an Art of Paws heated mat

Art of Paws heated cat bed

When you’re hanging on to the last bit of heat from a long departed sun puddle and curl up into a tight ball of fur it’s time to get comfy on a heated bed.

For a long time, I was on the lookout for a heated bed for our senior cat Earl Grey who, like his mum (moi) is a heat seeker by nature. Earl Grey is our blind senior 17-year-old cat and has CKD (chronic kidney disease). His body has slowed down and he’s always looking for the warmest spot in the house. But warm laps are not always available throughout the day, so what is an old cat to do? 

You could do one of three things:
You could crawl under the covers and ‘tent’ there all day (no fun).
You could do the old cat pileup with willing cuddly participants. This is tricky, if you don’t choose your partner wisely, you may end up with smacky paws in your face.
You could keep chasing fast-moving sun-puddles all day. This is not practical at all as we all know how quickly those sun puddles disappear!

Alternatively, you could just get hooked up with a comfy heated bed that is sure to soothe those old creaky joints and will keep your body warm and snuggly. So Mr. Earl Grey was all ears when he learned that we received a free heated bed from Art of Paws.

Disclosure: We received a free heated pet mat from Art of Paws in exchange for our honest review. Chirpy Cats will only share information that we think is relevant and useful to our readers. All opinions expressed are our own.

But when the rest of the Chirpies got wind of this new addition to the sleeping arrangements there were a few disputes regarding who actually owns it. Before Earl Grey could claim sole ownership (as if that were an option) Mr. Jack had other plans….

Two cats testing out the Art of Paws heated mat

Two cats sharing a heated pet mat from Art of Paws.

Two cats want the Art of Paws heated mat all to themselves

See, he’s already set up a grooming parlor on the heated mat with his friend Charlie. That was not part of the plan.

Mr. Jack the cat groom his friend Charlie on the heated pet mat.

Earl Grey eventually finds a moment of peace for the rest of the day. It’s now the general consensus in the Chirpy Cats household that the mat (for the most part) belongs to Earl Grey and his senior cuddle buddy Sarabi.

Senior cat Earl Grey enjoys some heat from Art of Paws heated cat bed

Art of Paws heated cat bed is perfect for year-round cuddly snoozes.

A simple energy efficient design that works
The Art of Paws heated pet mat comes with a low voltage internal thermometer and actually adjusts to your cat’s presence on the bed. It will never become too hot and always provides just the right comfortable temperature your cat will enjoy. This mat has become Earl Grey’s go-to place for long afternoon snoozes.

The size is quite generous at 23″x17″ and could accommodate up to three medium-sized cats.

The coiled cord is chew-proof! This alone is a great safety feature considering that Earl Grey and a few other Chirpies have a tendency to chewing chords. The switch comes with a useful red light indicator.

The fleecy outer cover is machine-washable. I gave this a few washes already and it still keeps its shape with no shrinkage at all.

This heated mat is perfect for kittens, older arthritic cats with joint pain and cats recovering from surgery. But be warned, in a multi-cat household, you’re going to have lots of takers! You may have to get more than one.

About Art of Paws

Art of Paws is a U.K. based company that also makes high-quality cat furniture pieces such as scratchers and perches. Pounce over to meet their own cute testing crew of feline experts and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

So now that the heat-seeking Earl Grey has found his comfy spot, what do I do when the air conditioning is at full blast this summer? I guess I have to find my own warm sun puddle.

How about you? Do your kitties love seeking warmth? Have they tried a heated cat bed?



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  • we have one of these and Ivy LOVES it. we have also used it with the foster kittens when they were tiny.

    Hey Earl Grey – your mom may have to invest in a second one if you have to share all the time.

  • That sounds so-o nice! Early Gray is a lucky kitty to have staken claim to that mat in his household. But that Jack was really putting on the cuteness charm to try and make it his! It would be fun to see all the Chirpies curled up on the mat together, but I guess that would require a few more matts! Tee hee hee! Kisses!
    Valentine recently posted…Portraits with RosesMy Profile

  • This sounds so nice! It’s interesting to read that cats actually use it! I’ve bought blankies, baskets, and beds galore and my girls like my clothing piles, pillows and dresser drawers. 😉 This sounds like a really nice thing to have in your cats’ “area” of the house, somewhere they can go when they want to be alone in the warm.

    Definitely going to look into this! Thanks for the review!

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