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So what's all the fuss about a box?

This is no ordinary box
Read below as the Chirpy Cats review the contents
of KitNipBox, a monthly subscription box filled with high-quality
toys, treats and surprise goodies each month!

Why this box is the purrfect fit for your kitty

Last updated August 27th, 2018

KitNipBox Review and Giveaway with the Chirpy Cats

When I see the familiar box at my front door, I fumble for my keys and can’t get through the door quickly enough! Then there’s the unboxing, with the excitement of tearing through the crinkly packaging and finding a gorgeous new nail shade or hand cream.

But while trying out my new mascara promising luscious lashes my beauty box of goodies is raided by furry paws and curious whiskers, and lands on the floor. There goes the new eyeshadow being batted like a hockey puck across the bathroom floor. Mmm, I guess it’s time to get the Chirpies their very own subscription box. 

“Guys, come on now, find your own box, this is not a toy!” They look at me as if to say “Lady, did you just say a box for us? Does it come with toys, catnip and things to chew? That’s a deal, just no funny hats!”

There is indeed a subscription box specially made for cats filled with an assortment of high-quality toys, treats and innovative new gadgets for kitties of all tastes, whims and fancies. A box that will keep your kitties intrigued with fresh new items each month. KitNipBox is all that and more.

The Chirpies shouted a unani-mouse “yes, we want in, can you hook us up?”

So we were super delighted when we received a free box from KitNipBox to review, how nice!

Disclosure: We received a free KitNipBox to review in exchange for our honest review, but this did not influence our opinions at all. We only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers and is in keeping with our site’s mission. KitNipBox is not responsible for the content of this post and our opinions are our own based on a few weeks of testing by the Chirpy Cats testing team! This post contains affiliate links. Stay tuned until the end for an exciting giveaway you do not want to miss!

Why a box for cats?

Simple Fact: Cats love boxes
Cats love crinkly stuff in boxes
Cats love crinkly stuff with surprise toys in boxes even more!

We like to keep things fresh around here, that is why we keep the cat toys marinating in a catnip infusion that keeps toys going for longer. But sometimes you need a change of scenery. Especially when toys get too old or frayed at the edges by months of numerous beatings from claws and teeth. Then it becomes a health hazard and needs to be tossed out. What better way to keep things new than a fresh supply of goodies for your cats each month. That’s a sweet deal.

In the same way any subscription box introduces you to a new product you would not have otherwise found anywhere else, KitNipBox introduces you and your kitties to innovative cat products you might never come across in stores.

Environment enrichment in a box

Cats are so attuned to their environment and they connect through exploring scent. Offering new toys with different textures enhances this connection and encourages your cats to explore through sniffing, licking, scratching, batting, rubbing, clawing and finally “killing.” Oh how satisfying was the hunt!

What was in the KitNipBox?

When we received our KitNipBox the cats were all over it in seconds, doing what they do best.

1. All For Paws Umbrella Dangler $7 – Made from different fabrics to create textured interest, the cats could not resist the crinkly sounds and small dangling shapes attached to the umbrella.

2. All For Paws Rain Drop Mouse $4 – A Fun pink knitted rain-shaped catnip-filled mouse that’s crafted for durability to endure many paw-batting sessions.

3. LEAP Cloud Wand $6 – No cat can resist a wand toy on a string. Shaped like a cushy blue cloud, your cat will enjoy batting this baby around!

4. Safemade Designer Catnip Mouse $5 – The appeal of this mouse is in the canvas texture, and of course, not forgetting, it’s filled with 10 grams of North American catnip. An added bonus is the strong chew rope tail. Charlie had his eye on this!

5. Purrs ‘N Paws Emoji Cat Pillow $6 – Not only is this a cute and quirky little item but it’s snuggly enough to get quite a lot of attention from one particular Chirpie, Mr. Jack. Stuffed with North American grade-A catnip with a crinkly texture inside this mini cushion is ideal for sun puddle catnaps.

6. Best Pet Cloud Mouse $3 – A simple furry mouse that has become a firm favorite with Scout. This gets transported all over the house and into the catio back and forth, depending on her tortie mood.

7. PureBites Freeze Dried Deboned Minnows – The brothers Ollie and Baggy really enjoyed these and I used it for their clicker training sessions. But each bite is quite large so I first broke them into smaller pieces.

The Cost of a KitNipBox: $19.99 a month for the “Happy Cat” box (5 items per box) and $29.99 a month for the “Multi-Cat” box (7 items per box)
Each month has a theme and this one was ‘rainy weather.’ Oh, we could do with some of that again!

The Chirpy Cats unboxing their new KitNipBox

Thank you KitNipBox! Now, where do we begin!?


Mr Jack the chief Chirpy Cat demonstrates how to unbox the surprise KitNipBox.

Ok fellas, this is how you do it. Just climb right in!


Chirpy Cats are overwhelmed with their KitNipBox toys!

Oh my cat! So much to explore! But what is that funny face staring back at me!?


The Chirpy Cats test their new toys from the KitNipBox

Hey Ollie, this is not the time for playing patty cake. Back to testing the toys okay buddy?


KitNipBox emoji pillow

Just a nibble and whisper in Mr. Emoji’s ear to let him know that he’s mine.


Sly Pie from the Chirpy Cats plays with the umbrella dangler toy from the KitNipBox

What is that sound so crinkly and noisy. I will show him who’s boss with my sharp teeth!


Sly Pie Chirpy Cat plays with the rain drop mouse from the KitNipBox

Mr. Jack’s got the emoji pillow and I got the raindrop mouse, paws off!


Charlie gets his paws on the raindrop mouse from KitNipBox.

A catnip mouse! Note to self: Must drool all over you!


Senior kitty Earl Grey loving the texture of his new KitNipBox toy

Senior blind kitty Earl Grey wants to join the KitNipBox unboxing pawty.


Mr. Jack snoozes on emoji pillow from KitNipBox

There’s a time for play and a time for snoozies. Mr. Emoji and I shall see you later.

Why we love KitNipBox

Keeps things fresh and relieves boredom in our cats with a rotation of fresh toys available
Introduces us to new products each month
Give as the purrfect gift or donation to a shelter or friends
The unboxing experience is always fun to watch and is an enrichment exercise in itself.
A portion of their proceeds goes to various animal welfare groups, animal rescues, and TNR efforts.
A sneaky way of keeping them out of YOUR box (or maybe not)

But what do the Chirpy Cats have to say?

Ollie: “If you’re an explorer with an open mind, you will love a monthly surprise like this.”

PawsomenessVery high

Mr. Jack: “I love things soft, plush and comfy. I like that the folks at KitNipBox added something just as quirky as I am to suit my goof ball nature. Not only is the smiley emoji right up my alley, but what better way to catch a snooze than on my very own comfy emoji pillow.”

PawsomenessThrough The Roof

Sly Pie: “My nickname is not Pouncequick for nothing. No mouse stands a chance! But these mouse toys from this cool new box are very tough. I tried killing them on numerous occasions but they’re as good as new.”

DurabilityThis is one tough mouse!

About KitNipBox

“KitNipBox is a cat’s best friend!” It’s all the box your cat needs, ok maybe that’s a far stretch! But you get the gist.

Each month their team of kitty experts, lead by Sylvester the Chief Meow Officer, researches the cream of the crop of toys, lovingly boxes them up and brings them to your door. They currently ship to the US, Canada, and Australia. But if you ask them nicely, they may be able to help you out if you’re located elsewhere.

Here’s our coupon code for you to use: CHIRPYCATS. It will take 15% off any new subscriber’s first month!

Since every month’s box is unique, you never know what the theme may be.

Could it be ‘A day out at the beach’?
Could it be ‘Cat Superheroes’?
Or simply ‘A Summer Tea Party’?

There’s one thing that’s certain kitties, I can’t guarantee that it won’t be ‘Cats in Hats!’

How about ordering your first box today, check them out at KitnipBox.

Below is a video of the Chirpies using all the toys! Volume up for the full effect!

Giveaway time!

The Chirpy Cats loved the KitNipBox so much that they decided they would like to give one lucky kitty out there a chance to win a KitNipBox! Awwe Mr. Jack, you’re so kind.

To enter the contest simply leave a blog comment below and fill out the details in the Rafflecopter widget below.

Contest Rules: 

The giveaway is open WORLDWIDE but void where prohibited by law. Since the value of the prize is under $100 Quebec residents may enter. One winner will be selected randomly and contacted via email. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize, and a new winner will be randomly selected. The giveaway closes on Sunday, July 22, 2018 at midnight EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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