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Why this box is the purrfect fit for your kitty

Why this box is the purrfect fit for your kitty

Last updated August 27th, 2018

KitNipBox Review and Giveaway with the Chirpy Cats

When I see the familiar box at my front door, I fumble for my keys and can’t get through the door quickly enough! Then there’s the unboxing, with the excitement of tearing through the crinkly packaging and finding a gorgeous new nail shade or hand cream.

But while trying out my new mascara promising luscious lashes my beauty box of goodies is raided by furry paws and curious whiskers, and lands on the floor. There goes the new eyeshadow being batted like a hockey puck across the bathroom floor. Mmm, I guess it’s time to get the Chirpies their very own subscription box.  Read More

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