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Summer Highlights

The scent of dusk dims
The light sleeps until morning
My cat awakens

Haiku by George

Marvelous Monday Haiku: Summer Highlights

Last updated March 5th, 2018

Hello, my name is Scout, the Tortie and I present this week’s Marvelous Monday Haiku. Summer is the season favoured by most of my pals and until we see the first hint of yellow or red leaves in our catio, in the coming weeks we will be highlighting some of the best times we had this summer. The humans had extended our catio with some extra tunnels this year and we had plenty of zoomie sessions chasing each other in there. My favourite season is Fall because I am known to ‘decorate’ the house with all sorts of pretty leaves and I collect the best ones for the Big Man Cat which he loves, I think.

The start of Labour Day weekend means summer is almost over and in a few months, our green catio will turn to white. While some of my house mates lament Autumn looming ahead, with its shorter days and crisp air, I welcome the new chapter and the colors it brings. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we still have the last days of summer to enjoy! In the gallery below we show you a few of our favorite hang outs.

  • Tortoiseshell cat in tunnelIn all her glory
    Stealthy paw, she lies in wait
    Tortie in the wild
  • Bengal cat walks in catioTreading lithe and sleek
    Sprightly paws fall on all fours
    Unseen and unheard
  • Cat with aeroplane earsWhere does it come from?
    The sound so eerie
    Behold my aeroplane ears
  • Cat munches on catnipMinty innocence
    Catnip waves a dangling stem
    ready to plunder
  • Bumble bee on sunflowerHard at work she toils
    The fruits of her labour brings
    Us humans the spoils
  • Cat chewing lemongrassLemongrass splays fresh
    Crunchy blades my canines crush
    Ripe for the harvest
  • Cats in catio tunnelA four cat pile up
    Summer catwalk brings our friends
    Closer together
  • Night time cat hunt in tunnelThe scent of dusk dims
    The light sleeps until morning
    My cat awakens

How have you been spending your summer and do you look forward to “Leaf Fall”? We’d love to hear from the humans and their kitties.

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