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Grand Old Dame, Sarabi, celebrates her birthday!

Grand Old Dame, Sarabi, celebrates her birthday!

Last updated March 24th, 2018

Have you ever been asked, “Have you been drinking from the fountain of youth? You look so young!” Age in human years is such a taboo topic, we don’t like displaying it proudly as a badge of honor. Don’t ask a lady her age, it’s bad social etiquette. But there’s one lady in the Chirpy Cat’s house who carries her age well and doesn’t mind being asked her age. This is one gal who does not look a day older than “kitten” and has the confidence and poise of a leopard in the wild. She is none other than Sarabi, our brown spotted Bengal cat who today celebrates her 15th birthday. Sarabi is the same weight today that she was when she was younger. She’s lithe and sleek, a great jumper, agile and light-footed. Her vocals, once activated through conversation, will always want the last say.
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