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How to unbox your Secret Paws without the fur flying

How to unbox your Secret Paws without the fur flying

Last updated January 11th, 2018

You know you hit the jackpot when you receive your package from your Secret Paws and there’s something for everyone to sink their claws into. We were super delighted by the wonderful gifts we received and would like to thank Summer, The Therapy Cat and her friends Binga and Boodie, from Sparkle Cat. Our gift box had a variety of toys for all tastes and included something for the chewers, the kickers, the chicken treat lovers and even a cute little key ring for the human!

Secret Paws is a Holiday Gift Exchange for cats around the globe and this pawsome gift exchange pawty is coordinated by the kind-hearted and magnanimous Paula from Sweet Purrfections. This is our first year participating in the fun and below Mr. Jack, our peacekeeper and CCSF (Chief Chirpy Social Facilitator) gives you his list of unboxing tips to keep unruly kitties in check so that it’s fun for everyone. Read More

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