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Previously abandoned bros have something to celebrate.

Ollie and Baggy had a rough start but their
broken hearts were healed by a forever home.

The brothers left behind on moving day turn 4

Ollie and Baggy the rescue cats enjoy cuddling together

Last updated January 11th, 2018

The aftermath of Canada day, July 1st brings with it, a different reality for cats and dogs. No, it’s not the fireworks, or revelry of celebrations. It’s the sad situation of cats and dogs being left behind when their owners move house.

In the province of Quebec, where housing leases expire on the same day every year, this just means a mass exodus of people moving on the same day. Consequently, there is a larger number of abandoned pets due to new rental leases not allowing pets. A few of the Chirpies are “July 1 cats” as I call them and last year we shared brofurs Ollie and Baggy’s story about being abandoned in an apartment. Our local veterinary hospital is overrun every year with mostly cats that were left behind like unwanted goods, either found in an apartment or let out to roam the streets. But after July 1 there is a significant spike in the number of cats and dogs who are abandoned in Quebec. Speaking to my vet recently, there might be a flicker of hope. Generally, there is a greater awareness of the problem and more responsible owners. They are seeing a reduction in abandoned cats over the years but still, a lot has to be done in terms of educating prospective pet owners about responsible pet ownership and promoting the idea that your cat is not just an “until cat” but a “forever part of the family cat.”

However, there are many responsible pet owners on limited income who are torn between affordable housing and keeping their pets but can’t due to no-pet clauses. Quebec animal welfare advocates have been working hard to eradicate the no-pet clause.

“We are very, very certain that if the no-pet clauses in residential leases were declared null and void, our abandonment rates would drop significantly during this period,” Anita Kapuscinska (Montreal SPCA)

On the other hand, there still exists the idea that pets are disposable property and nothing drives home the message that pets are family like this commercial encouraging pet owners to “pack their pets.” Home Hardware partnered with the Montreal (SPCA) to make cardboard moving boxes in the shapes of common pets, such as dogs, cats, and rabbits. The boxes were used as collection donations at the checkouts at participating Home Hardware stores around Montreal to help raise funds for the animals left in the care of the Montreal SPCA.

But today there is something to celebrate!

There is a birthday in the house. Alright, there are two. Well, it’s one but two.


The two brofurs, Ollie and Baggy celebrate their 4th birthday today. Three years ago they were found in an empty apartment after “moving day” and were brought in to the veterinary hospital the next day, July 2, 2014. They were in the midst of enjoying their teenage years, just a year old and proved to be a rather rambunctious duo. These two didn’t have much luck and since their arrival at the vet and they were adopted out to a well-meaning person but were found not to be a good match for his senior cat. They were brought back to the vet hospital and stayed there for the next five months until we saw them. We immediately signed the papers because we didn’t want them to wait any longer and also thought that it would be a real pity if they were ever separated; they are such a bonded pair. Besides we had the space to take them both. However, we had to wait for another two weeks until their respiratory infections were clear. The poor boys were in bad shape and their immune systems were fighting hard to heal them. But we think their hearts were broken more than anything else. The vet agreed that perhaps if we brought them home earlier despite their infections they would heal faster, and so they did. It’s amazing what the comfort and reassurance of a forever home can heal.

Three years later

These two are the most loving, sweet, smart, athletic and extroverted troublemakers in the house. They are almost identical and the only way we can tell them apart is from their tails. Baggy has a perpetually curled tail, is slim and athletic and his face is more tiger-like. Ollie has softer features, slightly more stocky in shape. They have formed their own little click and think that they pretty much have the rule of the house, but we think Mr. Jack just humors them. They do everything together, from synchronized sleeping to synchronized grooming.

They are the only two cats in the house that will demand tummy rubs from their humans and will give out a little squeak when you stop. No three-second tummy rubs for these guys, no siree, Bob! They want the full monty, the whole enchilada, you rub the tummy until they fall asleep and their body goes limp and you keep going.

Watch their video below and see how they have mastered their synchronized grooming, it should be a Catlympic sport.

Happy birthday to our sweet boys who bring us free entertainment round the clock and fit in perfectly with their Chirpy housemates.

cat relaxes in catio among the flowers

Tabby cat Ollie loves to fall asleep in the catio tunnel.

Sly Pie gets to guard the bottom tunnel, this entrance is mine.

Mr "Curly Tail" Baggy will charm you with his curly tail.

Mr “Curly Tail” Baggy will charm you with his curly tail.

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