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A penny for your thoughts, human

George ponders one of life's mysteries.
What are the humans thinking? He has
us figured out for the most part, but
there's a missing piece to the human puzzle
he can't quite put his paw on.


What are your thoughts, my human?

Last updated March 12th, 2018

pensive cat in condo

A pensive George ponders about your thoughts.

As I lay my head to rest
in this cozy condo Chirpy Nest
I hope to dream of kitty things bright
where we play, we jump, we roll and fight
and wake with gentle head-bonk requests
for a bite to eat and some cuddleness.

While I bask in daylight rays
you toil away to feed my ways
but when night’s moonbeam
strokes your pillow
my healing roaring rocks you mellow
to a deep restful REM slumber
What are your thoughts my human, I wonder…

Love from

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We are a clowder of cheeky chirpy felines sharing our space with two humans who adore us. We love to share tips on helping cats live enriched lives with their people and other fun cat stuff.


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