Marvelous Monday Haiku

There is no limit
How far you can stretch the truth
When it's wrapped in fur

Haiku by Mr. Jack

How to find your Monday gem with Mr. Jack

Mr. Jack presents today’s Marvelous Monday Haiku and he hopes you find your moment of truth, your hidden gem, your ray of hope tucked away somewhere in your bleak and busy Monday. He has, and he’s delighted to show you how.

sleeping cat in condo

There has been a lot of rain this summer. So I use every bit of sun I can find while staying dry.

cat sleeping in condo

There is nothing that a good sleep cannot cure.

Cat watching squirrel from catio

Tap into your inner kid and look at the world differently.

cat stretching

That’s because us cats, we are the truth!

I leave you with this, friends

Look on the bright side
All four paws to kiss tonight
Monday almost over!

How is your day going so far?

Love from Mr. Jack


There is no limit | How far you can stretch the truth | When it's wrapped in fur


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