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Back to school? Don't stress

I will wait 8 hours
After your boss and traffic
To soothe your stresses

Changing routines: How to pet more and stress less

Last updated February 19th, 2018

Marvelous Monday Haiku with Scout

Hello, friends, I’m Scout the feisty tortie and I present today’s Marvelous Monday Haiku. When you don’t have to go to school or work there’s nothing much to worry about other than where to find the best sun puddles at 10 am, why Charlie seems to get special food and why yellow fluffy bees bother me while I’m trying to take a snooze. I know these woes, though real, pale in comparison to a human’s daily lamenting about things like Mondays, traffic, bosses, and bills.

It’s almost back to school time and there will be many changing routines and schedules, coupled with stress and anxiety of starting new challenges and beginnings. Although it seems us cats cannot relate to your human problems, we do feel your stress and anxiety and manifest these in many ways from litter box aversion to over-grooming. Some of us may even become depressed or aggressive to another feline housemate. We are sensitive to any changes in our environment and that includes you and your world.

So I would like to remind you that while you are going about your busy day, whether it’s going back to school, sitting in traffic, starting a new class, or renovating the basement, please come home and leave your stress at the door. It’s well-known that stroking your cat is good for you and lowers blood pressure. We always welcome pets and cuddles. Even better, spend a good 15 minutes engaging us in interactive play when you come home from work or school. I guarantee that will not only be good for me, but you will start to feel the stress just melt away.

In addition, this will strengthen the bond between you and your kitty. It’s a win-win situation. See, we’re not that complicated to figure out; small little gestures like playing and petting go a long way in keeping both our stress levels in check.

tortie cat scout in tunnel

It’s a stress-free zone
Why in such a hurry bee?
My paws unfold

tortie cat scout alert eyes

To combat stress it’s
One, two or three strokes of fur
No more, no less

From me and the Chirpies, we wish you a Marvelous Monday!


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