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Autumn, A Frisson of Color

A dense canopy
shrouds my whiskers purple blooms
Breathe the catmint fumes

Haiku, by Scout the Tortie

Monday Haiku: Fall, A Tortie’s Best Friend

Last updated June 22nd, 2018

Hello, it’s Scout here and I present this week’s Marvelous Monday Haiku. Fall is my favorite time of the year because I like to collect leaves and bring them inside for the Big Man Cat while he works. I think he appreciates the sentiment. My job as interior decorator is made so much easier too because the catio is one messy jungle with an array of different colored leaves ranging from the rich chartreuse of the Kolomikta Kiwi vine to the browns and reds from the tree. Some really stoic, cheery sunflowers are still out and have not given up and the heady scent from the purple catmint blooms gives Mr. Jack sunset zoomies in the tunnel.

It looks like the hot weather has passed for good and the air has a crisper feel, but us Chirpies are loving it. Instead of me jabbering on, I’ll leave you with some haiku to put you in a colorful Fall sort of mood. Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween, holidays, fireplaces and just a little bit of snow? I think not.


  • In my Tortie dreams
    Leaf Fall brings my favorite hues
    I relish the thought
  • Leaf Fall brings folly
    The trees abandon their leaves
    Is this the cycle of life?
  • Way too much thinking
    Much to ponder, time to nap
    Monday over yet?
  • A dense canopy
    shrouds my whiskers purple blooms
    Breathe the catmint fumes
  • Liquid sun caress
    The sunflowers tall and proud
    Crickets sing their song



Love from,


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