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Charlie and Sarabi, Unlikely Friendships

You may groom my head
Your whiskers tickle sweetly
You and no one else

Haiku by Dame Sarabi the Old Bengal Lady

Haiku: An Unlikely Friendship Emerges

cat kisses and grooms

Last updated January 20th, 2018

A sweet peck on the cheeks, a nose to nose greeting, perhaps a game of chase a bit later. One of them is twice the size of the other but in recent months, Charlie and Sarabi have formed a friendship that is quite odd, yet endearing to watch.

At 20 pounds, with a large set head, cheeks and jaw line that resembles an unneutered Tom’s, this large lad could easily rule the Chirpy roost. Instead, Charlie is a huge cuddle bug and chief biscuit maker, always bowing his head in submission to the Chief Social Facilitator, Mr. Jack, asking for head boops and grooms. His physique bears testimony to the much-touted phrase “he’s not fat, he’s just big-boned, because, well, he truly is big boned!

Sarabi is the petite 15-year-old Bengal Lady and in her senior years has taken a back seat, preferring to watch the youths causing mischief. But there’s one member of the Chirpy crew that inspires the old dame to relive her athleticism of days gone by, and that is Charlie. They are not cuddle buddies but will play hide and seek in the cat trees and under beds, he teasing her, she literally voicing her approval or disapproval of the pace of the game.

Bengals are very vocal and when she gets a bit chatty all but Charlie will come running to see what’s up. We think that is super cute and captured this today in the catio tunnel. He was resting in the central station when he heard her famous Bengal cry and went to investigate. We hope you enjoy the gallery of Haiku today by these two unlikely of friends.

  • Bengal cat meowingDo you hear my call?
    Loud and clear your name reverberates
    I call you Charlie!
  • charlie the cat goes over to see his friendI heard your sweet song
    Lady Bengal what ails thee?
    Fret not while I'm here
  • cat groomingAs I bow my head
    This is my gift of friendship
    Pheromones collide
  • nose to nose kitty kissRelax I don't bite
    A lover not a fighter
    Just a kiss for you
  • Our meeting so brief
    Ollie will spoil our moment
    He watches closely
  • cats relaxing in their catioWe each have our place
    Sometimes the seat is taken
    It's musical chairs

Every pet household has some interesting relationship dynamics between the furry housemates. Do you have any to share? What about those special interspecies bonds in bi-petual homes? We love those too!


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The Lady Cat

Whiskers make me smile.
Coffee is good for you.
And cats are for life.
Helping cats live enriched lives with their people.
(Yasaar Nakchbendi)


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  • Teddy is our only cat but he really HAS formed a special relationship with…..ME! I suppose it’s not unusual – I’m his main “care giver” although my husband does take him outside for walks more than I do. Teddy will call me from different places in the house playing hide and seek and brings his favorite toy to me to keep me company – I often find it on my pillow in the morning. Cats are wonderfully CREATIVE in their communication and while we’re still getting to know Teddy (only had him since February) he’s already ruling the roost – and we love that! Your Charlie is adorable……and it’s nice he’s got a special relationship with Sarabi…….connections are special.

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)
    Angel Sammy and Teddy recently posted…Pre-Tease MondayMy Profile

    • Teddy sounds really sweet. I love how the relationship that cats have with their humans evolve over time into something so special. May Teddy rule for many years to come 🙂

  • How precious! I have two that used to be at each other more times than I care to count when we lived in Florida. Since moving here to N. Georgia, imagine my complete and utter surprise when I found them napping curled up together. Something changed. They nap together and groom each other. Something I never thought I’d see! But I’m glad! 😀
    Linda Arthur Tejera recently posted…Halos for Paws – The White Cane for the Blind DogMy Profile

    • How amazing that because their environment changed, they started to regard each other in a different light and became friends, that’s wonderful to hear.

  • It’s always a blessing when the felines you love most in the world love each other too (or at least get along)! Bear Cat and Kitty never got along … the best we got was a fragile peace … and very fragile at that.

    • So true! And the balance can be upset so quickly, just one squabble between feline friends can cause a major upset. Right now George and Charlie just barely tolerate each other. You won’t find those two grooming each other anytime soon.

    • That’s great Brian that you’re all about peace. In that case, you can shake paws with Jimmy Fancy Feet who just wants everyone to get along. Is it too much to ask?

  • Maybe Charlie prefers the older, more experienced lady cats – ur lady cat? How could he resist such a beauty as she – that Bengal dream? Sarabi seems smitten with him, too. Love is a splendid kitty thing. I’ve been trying to court my neighbor Tortie through the glass door, but she still turns her nose up at me. A guy still has to try… Mew Mew! Hugs!
    Valentine recently posted…Dear Miss Mermaid, Where is Your Merkitty?My Profile

    • Val, purrsistence pays off in the end. But having said that, Torties are known teasers with tortitude, so don’t take it purrsonally, it’s not you Val, it’s her.

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