Summer memories for Earl Grey

"I know who you are
My world is dark yet so bright
I will not forget"

Haiku by Earl Grey, senior blind kitty

Marvelous Monday Haiku: Sounds of Summer Memories

Earl Grey was out and about by himself this weekend and really showed us what tenacity he has. I felt compelled to follow along and capture his catio walk, just in case he needed that extra nudge in the right direction. He is thinner than before but still seems to have strength in his legs, determined to make that jump, despite his blindness.

Just minutes before in the kitchen, he was reclining on his cardboard scratcher and I thought, “he’ll probably be there all day and won’t move.” I proceeded to play the album Music for Cats, which I used to play all Summer last year for kitties’ pleasure. All of a sudden he was alert and climbed down from the scratcher and slowly edged his way down the stairs toward the laundry room, which is the gateway to the catio.

We know for humans, a particular song may conjure up a pleasant memory from years gone by. For Earl Grey, the music must have triggered a memory response which replenished a zest for life and pleasant memories of climbing up ramps, watching birds and smelling catnip. It was bittersweet for me to watch him all determined to get to the steps toward the catio because while I was happy he still remembers, I knew he won’t see the birds and he can’t jump up to his highway like he could last summer. Still, he was enjoying his catwalk and stayed for a while, just soaking up the tunnel sun puddles. Now that just gave me the warm fuzzies!

  • catmint tunnelA grey phantom walks
    Touched by sun he seeks its rays
    Kissed by cool purple
  • senior cat smelling leavesWhat is this I smell?
    I remember its sweet twigs
    Twining their way up
  • Senior blind catI know who you are
    My world is dark yet so bright
    I will not forget
  • resting in the catnip tunnelI hear birds chatter
    Their gossip makes my ears flick
    It's the sweetest sound
  • resting senior blind catSeat warmed by sun
    Better than sitting inside
    The fountain trickles


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