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Sly Pie soars to new heights

"I feel safe to roll
In my new territory
The world looks different"

Marvelous Monday Haiku, by Sly Pie

When your bush dweller cat reaches new heights

Last updated July 10th, 2018

jumping cat superhighway

Have you ever felt like you needed to break free from your comfort zone and push yourself to the next level? Do you remember how accomplished you felt when you finally achieved that goal? Comfort zones are hard to break through; after all, that is why they’re called comfort zones. Why explore or push the boundaries when everything around you is ‘just so’? 

But today I think Sly Pie had an epiphany which prompted him to break out of his comfort zone. It’s well documented in other posts that he is a bona fide ground or bush dweller. Everything about him says,

“I like to be grounded, I feel safe in my small horizontal world. I don’t need to survey my territory and display my dominance. There’s a myriad of wonderful and exciting creepy crawlies that emerge from the earth’s belly, such as earthworms after a thunderstorm. There is no better place to be than way down here.”

His build is stocky with a short tail, not built for jumping and climbing. He is nimble and quick with his paws and will display his efficient mousing skills by only engaging in ground games with a mouse toy. Forget about the Da Bird. He never explores the bridge, or the high ramps indoors or in the catio. One could say that Sly Pie has his paws firmly on the ground. He was the only cat who knew what to do with a real live mouse when the other cats were flabbergasted in uncertainty.

So can you imagine how surprised we were when we saw him exploring the highways of the catio? I think his message is clear: Don’t assign labels or stereotypes too quickly. Perhaps he’s a bush dweller but has an open mind to explore higher ground. He’s decided he’s not afraid to push the boundaries, only to discover that there is an alternate route to the catnip baskets. There is a little bit of a tree dweller residing in those paws.

Sly Pie’s gallery of haiku ponders upon a new perspective and he gives Ollie a good telling!

  • I'm a bush dweller
    This is where things come alive
    Gently brushing me
  • bush dwelling cat goes upBut I think there's more
    Let me push my boundary
    I'm not afraid of heights
  • What do you do here?
    Little Mr. Capri Pants
    This is not your place
  • My place is here now
    This is where I want to be
    This moment is mine
  • So much to see here
    It's my territory too
    I see the birds fly
  • It smells just as good
    It's the same branch from way down
    A new perspective
  • sly pie cat climbs the catio rampsI feel safe to roll
    In my new territory
    I can conquer all
  • The catnip basket
    So green, fresh and inviting
    Does it taste different?
  • I've explored new heights
    Left my scent for Ollie
    Back to my true calling


Do you prefer your safe comfort zone? Or do you like to push boundaries and discover new sides to yourself that you never knew existed? Are you a closet tree-dweller or a bit of both?

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