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Meowvelous Monday Haiku, Oh! Canada Day

cat wearing Canada day hat

So it’s Canada Day and there’s something new to celebrate here at the Chirpy Cats house. Earlier this year I took my Oath of Citizenship after living in Canada for 9 years as a permanent resident. So now I’m officially a South African-Canadian. Having lived in other countries too for many years, such as the UK, Ireland, and Switzerland, and of course my birth country, South Africa, I sometimes feel like a citizen of the world. But living in Canada brought many good things into my life. Yes, just look at my clowder of nine cats!

And as I was pouring maple syrup over my French toast this morning I thought about how there are still words I say and things I do that are typically South African. You see, not only would I normally pour ketchup over my ‘ savory style’ French toast, but I also call it tomato sauce, not ketchup, and guess what? Not only that, I say “to-mah-to” instead of to-may-to! I get teased all the time about my accent and my quirky expressions, which is sometimes mistaken for British and at other times, New Zealand! Then there are some astute world travelers of Southern Hemisphere shores who know the accent right away, by exclaiming “South African!”

The quirky expressions? No, that’s just me. 🙂

But For Ollie, he doesn’t care what you call his bed, his tunnel, his catio or his food. He doesn’t even care how you say it! “No!” means yes and “Get off” means exactly ….nothing!

Cats speak a universal language called “Cat.” If the cats of the world have to meet up at a world gathering for Cat World Domination, they probably would not have any accents, because as we know, borders mean nothing to cats!

Below is Ollie’s Haiku and his thoughts on the matter.

“It doesn’t matter whether you say to-may-toe or to-mah-toe. All we hear is “blah-blah-blah, no!” Learn to speak our universal language of Cat or Felinese, then only can you truly connect with your own species and with others.

Entrance to heaven
A tunnel without borders
We speak the same tongue

Haiku by Ollie

Does she understand?
Some things are best left unsaid
The squirrel knows it

Haiku by Ollie

Will she understand
A lick of maple syrup
Is what I yearn for

Haiku by Ollie

Happy Canada Day friends, love from Ollie!

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