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7 Tips to turn your bully cat into a team player.

7 Tips to turn your bully cat into a team player.

Last updated March 28th, 2021

When your cat goes around giving everyone in his path a powder puff for no reason, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s aggressive. When your one cat is bullying another cat things can quickly escalate into an unwanted behavioral problem. There’s one in every multi-cat household and through no fault of his own, he’s labeled the “bully cat.”

When we add more cats to an already established group, it causes a shift in the cat hierarchy. The shift may be as obvious as a stare down and a brawl with fur flying or it may be very subtle, such as blocking the pathway to a litter box. The resident high ranking cat may or may not relinquish his title as Top Cat … at first, or maybe never.

Mr. Jack, watch your back!

But that doesn’t stop the cat with ambitions to keep trying by asserting his dominance over the rest of the clan through undesirable behaviors. This could include anything from relentlessly ambushing and chasing a timid, docile cat, guarding litter boxes, taking ownership of toys, games, sun puddles and refusing to timeshare.

how to deal with a bully cat
Someday, Mr. Jack, I shall usurp the throne. Watch your back!
Right now in your multi-cat home, there is most likely a daily episode of Game of Thrones at play. Is there a cat in your home set on ruling the 7 cat kingdoms?Click To Tweet Read More

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