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Birthday Haiku from Earl Grey who turns 17!
So it’s Pi day – A Cat Weighs In

Birthday Haiku from Earl Grey who turns 17!

Last updated December 31st, 2018

Happy birthday to Earl Grey

Earl Grey turns 17 today and he has a few words of wisdom for his younger purry pals. He’s made old bones but he’s mostly done things his way. Today he is still King of his castle even though a frail body says otherwise. We are blessed to have this handsome old boy in our lives and we cherish every moment with him.  Read More

So it’s Pi day – A Cat Weighs In

Last updated March 14th, 2019

March 14 is celebrated annually as Pi day and the tradition of eating pie is welcomed and encouraged by Math geeks and non-geeks alike. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and this number, regardless of the size of the circle, is always the same: 3.14159….an infinite decimal. It’s a great excuse to get away from your desk and join your colleagues and indulge in a slice, or two. But I’m a cat and I don’t work so I’m hoping I will be handsomely compensated when the humans get home from work.

I have discovered I have a lot in common with Pi or π (the symbol). Like Pi, the ratio of my circumference to my diameter was also a mathematical constant, and like Pi, eventually, I lost approximately 3.14 lbs. But before you go ahead and stuff your face, please read my story…

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