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Archive - September 2017

5 Essential Must-Haves for a Happy Chirpy Cat
Light your Candle for Orphan Pets! #RememberTheRescue
Help us Shine a Light on Pet Adoption #RememberMeThursday
Caturday Voodle: Scout the Tough Tortie confesses her weakness

5 Essential Must-Haves for a Happy Chirpy Cat

How to keep your cat happy

It seems that cats have it made. The internet worships them and judging by those viral Youtube Best Cat compilation videos, they rule their households with a firm furry paw. And we like it.

“Hey Mr. Dog, I need your bed if you don’t mind, thanks, you’re too kind!”

But despite this overall perception of a cat’s elevated status as Ruler of the Drooler, cats are still largely misunderstood. Cats are viewed as independent, aloof and in need of less medical and preventative care than dogs, but this could not be further from the truth.

September is Happy Cat Month, an event in its 9th year running, created by the Catalyst Council, to help promote the health and well-being of our purry felines, focusing on the different ways to ensure your cat is happy, enriched and healthy.

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Light your Candle for Orphan Pets! #RememberTheRescue

Remember Me Thursday cat shines a light for pet adoption

Mr. Jack shines a light for pets waiting in shelters for their forever homes.

Remember Me Thursday has arrived and we’re reminding you to hop on over to the Remember Me Thursday photo contest! If you are passionate about pet rescue, love social media and you are a proud pet parent of an adorable rescue pet, the contest is something you do not want to miss. What is the last photo you took on your phone? I bet it’s your cat, dog or rabbit and you actually have tons! Below Mr. Jack explains how easy it is to enter to win fabulous prizes for your favorite pet rescue organization or shelter, but first, he talks about his brief brush with homelessness. Read More

Help us Shine a Light on Pet Adoption #RememberMeThursday

We are delighted to be teaming up with Helen Woodward Animal Center for a very special event, Remember Me Thursday®, to be held on September 28, 2017. This unique worldwide event honors those pets who have lost their lives while waiting for their forever homes and shines a light on those still waiting. Here at the Chirpy Cats household, we get excited and emotional when talking about pet adoption, since we have 8 adopted cats abandoned for various reasons and we want to spread the word and meow it from the rooftops cat trees! Read More

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