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Icicle Crunch Sundae Haiku

Winter becomes Spring
One of nature's certainties
Icicles scatter

Meowvelous Monday Haiku: Icicle Crunch Sundae hits the right spot for Ollie

Last updated January 14th, 2019

When life hands you icicles, make an icicle crunch sundae.

It’s Ollie here and I’m presenting this week’s Meowvelous Monday Haiku. We’re in a cold snap at the moment but I don’t let that freeze my lifestyle. I spent a good portion of yesterday chasing icicles. It’s quite fun actually and pretty soon I had my pals join in the fun too. My brother Baggy was a little miffed that he didn’t start it first. After all, he is the king of testing gravity. 

Since I’m a cat I like to investigate stuff and these strange water drops required testing for gravity and inertia. They seemed stuck in place, not flowing at all. So, of course, I had to bat it, bite it and lick it. They were quite delicious and refreshing on the palate too.

Shall I take a drink?
The cold icy crunch scatters
Can you hear the clink?


My frozen fountain
Once was water but now it’s ice
Winter becomes Spring


In a state of flux
This icicle grew bigger
Nature so fleeting

haiku spring catio icicles melt

My brother gone mad
That looks like a game for me!
Batting icicles!

Watch my short 40s video to catch a glimpse of my icicle crunching. I hope it brings a smile to your face.


Remember, things are changing, nothing is stagnant. Emerge with renewed vigor and forget about last week’s obstacles and missed goals. The icicles are melting, can you hear the clink-clink? Find your icicle crunch sundae moment on this beautiful Monday morning and look ahead!

Happy Monday!

Love from

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