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Archive - November 2017

A Calendar That Gives Back to Community Campus Cats
Monday Haiku: The Pathway to Purrfection
Scratching Post Secrets Revealed week #3

A Calendar That Gives Back to Community Campus Cats

cat calendar featuring the TUFCAT feral cats

Featuring the handsome Mr. Spunky, the kittens and his friends

When I visited the community cat colonies living at the UWC campus in Cape Town this year, it warmed my heart to witness the dedication of the volunteers and staff of TUCAT (The University Feral cat Project). That Spring, the University got caught up in student protests on campus and as always, it’s the innocent animals that suffer the consequences that follow. Some cats went missing or were displaced, and with the student holidays and skeleton staff, it was a challenge trying to track them down and ensure that all the cat colonies were fed. But with the help of everyone from the volunteers, campus caretakers, and the security guards, the cats never missed a meal. The TUFCAT campus cats call this university their home and are loved by many!

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Monday Haiku: The Pathway to Purrfection

Hello furriends! Happy Monday from me, Mr. Jack. If you know anything about me, you know that my main tasks here at the Chirpy household is to keep the peace and spread the communal scent through grooming everyone in my path, heck, even human feet. But that is not the only reason I groom. I also like to groom my coat to keep it in tip-top shape for my selfies. I like my fur and whiskers all in place. But there comes a time when striving for perfection can become stifling, exhausting and rather energy-draining. In today’s haiku, I leave you with my eye-opening realization as I lay on a bed of Autumn leaves… Read More

Scratching Post Secrets Revealed week #3

scratching post secrets revealed

Pixie, Please let sleeping cats lie!

There is nothing more annoying than that overzealous friend wanting you to join her for Zumba at the crack of dawn and all you want to do is sleep in. And what about that roommate who oversteps the boundaries and helps himself to your week’s supply of yogurt in one sitting? When it comes to our cats, their relationships with each other are no different. So what’s a cat to do when his housemate wants to play and he wants to sleep? Well, you scratch a sticky note text on your scratching post, of course! Read More

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