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HIIT training with Jimmy Fancy Feet

Jumping up and down
Like a herd of buffalo
A New Year has sprung

Embracing the New Year like a cat with zoomies

cute cat wanted attention

Last updated January 29th, 2021

As I scroll through the Chirpies Instagram photos of years past I see a pattern. Our 10-year old Jimmy Fancy Feet is more often than not captured digging his paws into mounds of snow. We call him our snowcat and we think that his polydactyl mittens give him an advantage in the snow, with his built-in ‘snowshoes’ the other cats lack. This makes him the leader in catio snow expeditions and the chief shoveler of snow.

Ginger and white cat in deep snow

Where are you going?
You need to help me shovel
It’s worse than you think

Jimmy Fancy Feet

But what does Jimmy Fancy Feet get up to indoors?

Well, there’s the normal cativities such as sleeping, meowing for food when it’s not time to eat, giving awesome paw shakes, boxing and making ‘air’ biscuits.

cute ginger cat in box

Grab a box and sit
Irresistible cuteness
They cannot ignore

Jimmy Fancy Feet

But there’s something else that Mr. Fancy Feet is known for lately. One of his favorite indoor cativities is running up and down all the high ramps and the bridge at full speed back and forth. And whenever the mood strikes the whole house will know! He sounds like a herd of buffalo going up and down the stairs stomping with his big paws. 

Elated I feel
Can you hear my stomping feet?
A New Year has sprung!

Jimmy Fancy Feet

So while Jimmy was practicing his high-intensity interval training or HIIT on New Year’s day, the other cats were cozily curled up either in pairs, alone or on a human lap. I think he was letting off some pent up energy from being cooped up indoors for a few days as the catio was closed due to cold weather. There were no snowy expeditions to carry out or other important catios missions.

Or perhaps he was starting the year off with gusto and vigor, up for any challenge the new year might bring. Just like that one person out running on New Year’s Day while the rest of us are sipping second cups of hot chocolate and slouching on the couch.

Jimmy is no spring kitten and at 10 years old is considered a senior. So those bursts of energy are great to see. Soon after he started his zoomies it jolted me off the couch and with a wand toy in tow, there I was sprinting up and down the stairs trying to keep up with Jimmy.

After a few minutes of HIIT training with my coach Jimmy, my second mug of hot chocolate was cold but my inspiration was fuelled.

Fuelled by a cat no less.

How did your kitties inspire you for the New Year? Was it to get more sleep? Get a new hair cut? Set new goals or just get off the couch and do HIIT training? Chirp us a line below! 🙂

Happy New Year!

If you would like to see Jimmy shoveling in action watch this video below.

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