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Sprint to the finish line

Last updated February 12th, 2018

Cat running through tunnel

I’m not quite ready to quit just yet.

Fifteen year old Ninhsy Earl Grey, also known as Puma boy, has seen some interesting things in his life. He has even been to the beautiful Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, his country of birth and has travelled in three different countries with his pal Sarabi. These days he takes it slowly and loves spending time atop his favourite perch or just teaching his humans that patience is a virtue and that every moment with loved ones is priceless.

In May he was diagnosed with CKD (chronic kidney disease) and we’re doing all we can to make him feel good and enable him to enjoy the Autumn years of his life. Below are some photos of him having a ‘sprint’ in the tunnel, in his moment of sunset ‘zoomies’. Puma Boy has never been known for speed. Even in his youth he did things in his stride. He surprised us with quite a display of athleticism that we haven’t seen in a while, as if to say “I’m not ready to give up just yet.”

Senior cat running

Ready steady go! Like a bolt out of the blue, here I come!


Senior cat running

I won’t break any records but this sprint feels good!


Senior cat in tunnel

Made it to the finish line! I’m loving life.


Resting cat in tunnel

Perfect spot for a rest.


A fifteen second video where he shows that all is good on a Caturday morning in May.

Read Earl Grey’s debut post where he laments about Pi day

I am still learning lots about CKD and would love to hear people’s stories in the comments below.

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  • Puma is a very handsome kitty 🙂

    We haven’t had to deal with CKD , but I do have a kitty with higher than normal SDMA levels so I know it is coming. I do know cats who have dealt with CKD for years though..

    • Thank you ? He seems to be doing well since starting Astro’s oil which I will continue. Yes, I’m hoping that our boy stays with us for a while yet. We know that they get old but it’s still hard isn’t it?

    • Awwe thank you! We are surprised that he can still jump and climb up high, because sometimes he loses his footing when trying to negotiate the lower levels MOL. But I guess as long as he still goes up there, he’s doing okay ??

  • Puma boy is such a handsome guy! He has quite the sprint going.:) I’m sorry to hear about his CKD, but I’m glad he has come to you. He seems very happy!

  • Sorry to hear about that diagnosis. I lost a beloved rescue boy to that disease about a year ago. With diet and water therapy and a lot of love, many cats with CKD keep trucking for years. I hope Earl Grey will be one of those success stories.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

    • Thank you for your best wishes. He gets fluids once per week and his appetite is okay. And sorry you lost your boy. In the first week I found out, I did all the crying there is to do, but I’m treasuring every moment now. It just makes me happy when he has these bursts of energy 🙂

  • Oh, so beautiful! We haven’t dealt with CKD up to this point. With seven furrbabies, I wonder if it’s just a matter of time. I have little 15 year old and she’s quite active but I worry about her.

    • Thank you! With old grandpa here the signals were not immediately noticeable. In December 2015 when going for his vet check, all was fine. But in May 2016 we had blood work done after he had just stopped eating, which was the obvious signal. It’s so normal that we start worrying about them when they get older. I hope your 15 year old stays healthy for many years to come ?

  • He’s too cute! My name is Robin Whiskers, and I’m a 13 year old pet sitter, dog walker, and show dog handler who shares a blog with Christmas the 2 year old mini Dachshund. We post every day, and Chris is even running for mayor of Blogville! I hope you can stop by our blog ( and follow us with Google!

    • Hi there Robin, I’m so pleased that you dropped by our blog. I only saw your message now! You have quite a fun blog, love your campaigns with Christmas series and all his virtues 🙂

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