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Monday Haiku: Jumpstart into Spring
How to grow catnip from seed without a green thumb
9 Ways catnip can enrich your cat’s life
The Good, the In-Between and the Forgotten Blog posts of 2017
A cheekful of Autumn Vine
Keep it Short and Sweet
How to Prepare the Perfect Kitty Salad Bar
What is your cat teaching you about the perfect scratching post?

Monday Haiku: Jumpstart into Spring

Nothing feels as good
As a leap into freedom
From winter’s shackles

I’m feeling revitalized and supercharged after a long winter. I’m ready to get moving and exploring. I don’t care if they say there’s more snow to come, just let me enjoy this moment here and now. Very soon the vine buds will show and the scent will be irresistible. This is my space. This is the Vine Corner.  Read More

How to grow catnip from seed without a green thumb

Last updated May 9, 2020 @ 5:11 pm

Catnip is a hardy perennial herb of the mint family bearing aromatic leaves attractive to cats. Follow these step-by-step instructions on growing your own and keep your cats happy and enriched!

We have a few things in common, my cats and I. We like laptops, long catnaps on a Caturday morning, and our recreational herb of choice, catnip! Of course, I don’t like catnip for the same reasons the cats do; you won’t find me head shaking and wriggling in ecstasy on the kitchen floor (well, maybe if I’m trying to fish out an old cat toy stuck under the fridge, but that’s no fun). No, instead of catnip parties, I prefer catnip in my nighttime tea blend.

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9 Ways catnip can enrich your cat’s life

Last updated May 4, 2020 @ 3:07 pm

Your cat climbs up to the top shelf with stealthy paws. Reaching out, he grabs the bag of green goodness and tosses it onto the floor for his feline friends. The catnip is out of the bag and the catnip party begins. If you’re a multi-cat household you’ve possibly walked in on a few wild catnip parties on your kitchen floor and then learned to store the catnip stash where feline grabby paws can’t reach!

When we think of cat environment enrichment, we think of engaging your cat in interactive playtime, food puzzles and offering an interesting changing environment for your cats. But we underestimate the power of scent. Just a little whiff of catnip can send a cat into a 15-minute euphoric frenzy. Just like treats can be used to train a cat, so too can catnip be used in positive reinforcement and behavior modification training. Some cats are treat motivated, but many others will give up their seat in a sun puddle for a bag of ‘nip any day! In fact, a whopping 70% of cats are susceptible to the catnip effect and cats inherit this trait from one of their parents.

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The Good, the In-Between and the Forgotten Blog posts of 2017

If you have been following along with the Chirpies in 2017 you would have been exposed to many of the Chirpy Cats’ antics, mostly happening in the catio. This has become the heart of my inspiration for ideas, the central kitty lair which gave birth to segments such as Caturday Doodles, Caturday Voodles (doodles: video with voice-over) and to Marvelous Monday Haiku. It’s the place where my husband and I take delight in observing the feline dynamics in a multi-cat household, each cat with their own little quirks and chirps. So it was only the natural order of things that I wanted the Chirpy Cats blog to focus on helping cats live enriched lives with their people. I hope the Chirpies have added some value to your daily grind and we are so thankful for your company, your comments and feedback.  Read More

A cheekful of Autumn Vine

Can you feel it? Can you hear it? The crisp cool air, the captivating frisson of colour everywhere and the crispy crunch of ‘leaf Fall’. But the bugs are leaving and Mr Spider is about to pack his bags goodbye so what’s a kitty to do? Well, perhaps spend more time at the indoor watering hole or do more laptop time. But if you’re an outdoorsy kind of cat that also loves silver vine (Actinidia Kolomikta), then you’d be wise to spend your mornings claiming your spot. What’s so special about the silver vine plant during the Fall? The twigs are exposed when the leaves fall making them more attractive and accessible to kitty noses. Not a cat goes by without stopping in their tracks and rubbing against the vine, spreading a cheekful of pure vine goodness on their fur.

Old grandpa Earl Grey Ninhsy and Scout get their share of vine loving at the vine corner of the catio.

  • Senior cat jumps from rampJump my old boy, jump!
    Confident and sure-footed
    You are amazing!
  • perfect landing for senior catDignity intact
    A graceful purrfect landing
    With a spring in your stride
  • cat sniffs silver vine twigsInvigorated!
    Scented twigs my nostrils flair
    I feel like I'm home
  • cat loves the smell of silver vineI've forgotten the vet
    The Silver Vine calls me home
    I am here to stay
  • Cat out on the catwalkCool tortie walks by
    She seeks vine twigs a plenty
    Enough for me alone?
  • Scout the cat loves the vineCan it be explained
    The vine tickles my tortitude
    My senses entranced
  • Scout the cat contemplatesI think long and hard
    The leaves go but the twigs remain
    Even in the snow
  • Scout lying on the catio floor with leafOh marvellous leaf!
    Our kitchen floor is too bare
    Time to decorate!

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Keep it Short and Sweet

“You want a Sunday Selfie? Sure I can do one or two, but make it quick! I have places to go and things to see.”

When branches are swaying and leaves are moving, the pitter patter of little tuxedo capri pants paws are itching to leave their prints through the tunnels to investigate. Sly Pie sits for a minute and shows off his new layers ready for winter.

tuxedo cat looks cute

Ma, does my tuxie coat hide my increased girth?

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How to Prepare the Perfect Kitty Salad Bar

cat grass and fountain

Kitty Salad bar and watering hole. Executive cat lounge for exclusive members only

There are many ways in which you can keep us kitties safe and entertained but we would like to talk about our favorite cat-safe plants, grasses, and herbs. Yes, we’re obligate carnivores but there’s not a cat in town that doesn’t like to graze on greens. Experts and veterinarians are still baffled as to why we enjoy eating grass and theories abound. Some experts think we eat grass to aid in bringing up furballs, or in the wild, to aid regurgitation of undigested parts of prey such as bones and feathers. Others think it provides much-needed fiber to our diets and that grass would be a naturally occurring substance in the stomachs of prey so it would make up a small part of our diet. It may also provide trace elements of vitamins and folic acid. The Lady Cat thinks we may just like the taste and texture. But what is certain is that grass is not essential to our wellbeing, but it most certainly is a welcomed treat in any cat household.

With the start of Autumn and the cooler weather, we’re excited that the humans have begun setting up our watering hole/salad bar for winter. Essentially, this is when they bring the outdoors, indoors for the duration of the winter, during which time our catio is a blanket of white. The kitty salad bar is an area in the house where we like to lounge, groom, drink, share sun puddles and snack on our greens. There are many plants that appear on the toxic list and it seems that there are no safe alternatives for us cats. Cat grass and catnip are the most popular snacks on the menu, but I’m here to tell you that you can broaden your tastes and that there are indeed many other safe varieties of plants that us Chirpy Cats have tried and tested. Of course, our plant-eating habit comes with leaving a few recycled remnants of regurgitation on the carpet, but fret not humans. Cleaning it all up is a very small price to pay for the precious purr therapy we provide to soothe your stressful living. By creating these little kitty garden watering holes around the house, you’re stepping up your cat environment enrichment game. Below, our big lady cat explains further on greening up our living spaces and tips on keeping us out of your plants. (as if!)

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What is your cat teaching you about the perfect scratching post?

cat wants to play

Sly wants to play, but what does Ollie have up his furry paws?

Hello furriends, I’m Sly Pie and I heard via the cat vine that September is Happy Cat Month. I would not have deemed it necessary to have a month dedicated to our happiness, because every month should be Happy Cat Month. But when I reflect back on my life before I joined the Chirpy Cats crew, I understand why there is a need to highlight a month for us cats. You see, I was not always pampered and fussed over, I was living the thug life, free to roam but always wondering where my next meal is coming from.

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